Friday, January 30, 2015


I planned on writing a more detailed account of things...but I just don't have it in me.  The past seven days has kicked my physical and emotional tushie.  I have been overwhelmed and stressed out.  So I am HOPING that this weekend can be less eventful....let me catch up on some sleep and house stuff....and start February fresh.  February is booked solid....I gotta get geared up.

But I will at least give you the highlights of the past week....some of I have already shared:

Saturday, January 24
  • Shovel out from snow
  • Fix broken sink
  • Wedding anniversary

Sunday, January 25
  • Calm before the storm (literally!)

Monday, January 26
  • Busy day at office (including the copier breaking)
  • Car break down on the side of road
  • Drank wine

Tuesday, January 27
  • Shovel out from 2 feet of snow
  • Multiple calls to deal with car
  • Multiple calls to talk to Brother about something big with my parents (I will not be going into this...but this has been a huge source of stress, has required many hours of phone calls, and we weren't sure how it was going to end)
  • Work from home for 6 hrs

Wednesday, January 28
  • Kids still home from school
  • Shovel the several inches of snow we got overnight
  • Borrow neighbor's car for work (I can't believe she offered...and it was a lifesaver)
  • More phone calls about car, and had to go down to the place that towed my car to deal with them

Thursday, January 29
  • Copier broke at office (2nd time this week...and I NEED the copier for alot of things....and the repair guy couldn't make it out to fix it), 
  • Work computer died (seriously....not my week for things breaking....),
  • Borrowed car again
  • Car repaired to the tune of $812 (+$93 from Monday, but $100 will be reimbursed from insurance....needed new battery and my power steering cables blew out....part of the bill was for the 2nd tow, and half of the remainder of the bill was the labor charges)
  • Children locked themselves out of the house
  • Things came to a head with my parents (but thankfully went way better than expected)

Friday, January 30
  • As I write this, it is only 6:40 in the morning...the day is still young!  
  • Will need to deal with the little bit of snow we got overnight and whatever falls today
ETA, 10:30am:  Car still making noise that caused me to pull over on Monday...called shop and I have to bring it back on Monday....and get a rental car.

Realtor wants to do a showing on I have to get the house show ready...and leave.  And did I mention we ate getting more snow Sunday night?

Stick a fork in me......I am done.  I have a busy weekend of paperwork ahead (normal bill paying, taxes, and submitting financial waiver request for Bossy's medical supplies), need to catch up on laundry and do the "once over" in the house, and prepare for something else that is next weekend (that I will share after it is all said and done).  I hope your week was WAY better than mine.  I am not a football no Super Bowl stuff for me....but if that is your bag, have a great time!!!!


  1. Hope you have a good weekend! It almost hast to get better, right?!

  2. I just caught up on your last few posts, Mysti. Thank goodness this week is over for you.

  3. Here's to a relaxing uneventful weekend. Take care.

    1. I was updating as your comment came relaxing weekend for me!

  4. Wow! I think I might had two bottles of wine. Craziness seems to abound. I really hope next is better for you.

  5. My sis and I were discussing your wine night and we had a good laugh, not at your pain and suffering but just how you dealt with it. We love you and although that does not help your situation know that your blog and trials make me(us) feel more normal and also make it easier to cope with our drama!

    1. I know you don't drink...and I really am not a drunk! Promise! Lol