Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blah blah blah

I treated myself to a pint of gelato (on sale!) yesterday.  My week was so so bad.  And while food really shouldn't be a reward or comfort in times of distress....this was not the week to invoke that rule.

Went to the grocery store yesterday morning...there were 5 carts available when I got there.  And 2 dozen people WAITING for a cart when I left.  Snow plus Super Bowl = CRAZY.  I did 2 good deeds for the day while there:  Gave my circular to the elderly gentleman who was buying fruit, so he could have the coupon (I just went and got another flyer....) and gave my cart to another gentleman in the parking lot (since I already knew there weren't any inside). 

I spent most of yesterday doing laundry and cleaning the upstairs for the showing.  A friend said that this showing has to be THE ONE because I deserve it after the week I just had.  We will see.  G-man and I discussed what would happen if we did get an offer now.  Our personal ideal situation would be to leave around Memorial Day (kids would miss a week or so of school here...but school lets out the following week there).  That gives us until August to be in a new home without having to worry about registering the kids for school.  We will see.

So today I will finish working on the house (it really isn't too bad).  Kids and I will head to the library during the showing this afternoon, as my voracious reader (Sassy) can go through a book a day at times.  With a probably school closing tomorrow (calling for 8 to 12 inches tonight through tomorrow), and a few other things coming down the pike....she needs some books.  After the showing, I have all sorts of financial stuff to do.  Good times.

I gave myself until 8:30am to blog....and the clock just changed.  So off the races, again!!!


  1. fingers and toes and everything else you get an offer. We have always had a lot of luck selling houses in February.

  2. Crossing my fingers that this will be your lucky day :)