Kicked To The Curb

Here is a look at some of the things that we have paid off since this blog started in August 2009.  This of course doesn't count the paydown of debt that was run back up. These items are GONE for good!

The estimated amount paid since this blog started is featured at the end of each item.

Retirement Loan 1 - Originally funded in February 2008 for $10,000 for a new roof and home repairs.  It was originally a 5 year loan, which we paid off in 4 years.  This loan was never counted as part of our debt tally (not really sure why), but nonetheless, we were making over $200 /months in payments. $7,000.

Hospital Bill - This medical bill was our portion of the doctor's bill from our son's birth, and subsequent hospitalizations and surgeries.  It took us EIGHT years to pay this bill off, and it was wonderful to send in the final payment.  No idea how much we actually this bill was added to over the years.  The amount shown that we paid off was just in the time that the blog has existed...not including the amount in the 7 years prior! $1,200

Student Loan 2 - This originated in  November 1994!!!  This was a loan that my father actually took out, as I was under 18.  Before I realized how much time and interest it would take to pay off, I agreed to a low monthly payment, and life took over, and I wasn't able to pay more.  This loan was about $5,800....and I paid $10,000 including interest.  $1,700 + interest.

G-man's Car - Purchased in December 2006 for $18,600, we thought we got a great term of 5 years at 5.74%.  And at that was good.  However, at $358 a month, it did hurt our cash flow.  We paid this off in 4.5 years.  $10,000

Hospital Bill 2 - When I had surgery in August 2012, our portion of the bill included charges from the hospital, anethesiologist, surgeon, and lab.  $1,000

Bossy's Supplies - I debated if I should include this, but obviously decided to go ahead.  We had a financial waiver that ended in 2011 (I think), and then the bill skyrocketed.  We did get another waiver in February 2013 that discounted the bill 60%, and then what we believe was an error occurred, and the bill dropped again.  We decided to pay it off, knowing there is a chance it will go back up.  $1,800

Dental - Our dental insurance STINKS.  Even basic cleanings aren't covered 100%.  Any dental proceedure we have ends up with us paying.  And when  I needed a root canal in 2013, and a cavity filled in 2014, it added up.  We were finally back to a zero balance in July 2014.  $2,400


  1. You have made a great deal of headway!!! Love your blog! Congrats on the success!

  2. Sounds like you have a beautiful family and are making good progress! I will be back from time to time to offer encouragment and seek it myself.

  3. Awesome achievement! It's a great feeling to get rid of debt and seeing the progress!