About Us

The 4-1-1 on Us

I am Mysti, married to G-Man.  We have two beautiful children....TWINS!....Bossy Boy and Sassy Girl.  Along with our 3 cats, our mini-van (it died) and SUV (s), and our mortgage....sounds like a typical family, right?  WRONG!!

I am in my late 30's (but 40 is knocking on my door)....Hubby is in his early 40's. Between the two of us, we work 3 2 full time jobs (G-man worked 2 jobs from 2003- June 2014), on opposite schedules so we can get around childcare issues.  No family in the area, and few friends.  It is just he and I, against the world.

Bossy Boy and Sassy Girl.  The light of our lives.  Wouldn't trade them for anything.  However, Bossy Boy is a highly special needs child due to complex medical issues and Autism.  While we wouldn't change a thing, because all of these issue are part of what makes him, HIM, it has added a layer of complication in our financial lives.

I stayed home with the kids for 5 years, and during this time, our debt grew.  Some of it was lack of income....some of it was the cost of having kids....some of it was the manifestation of circumstance.  Anyway you slice it, it is out of control, and we are trying to take that control back!

We started this blog on August 6, 2009 with $76,649.03 of credit card, car, student loan, and medical debt. Not included in this original number were a retirement loan (since paid off) and our primary mortgage.

As of October 2013, we are paying off  2 car loan (gotta love when your car just DIES), a retirement loan (which consolidated credit card debt), a credit card (left over from the consolidation, and some new debt), student loans, and medical debt.  We are still not including our primary mortgage in our numbers.

Feel free to drop me a line at mysti1031@yahoo.com .