Blogs I Love to Follow

Misery loves company, right?  Check out these personal finance/debt reduction blogs that help me remember I am not alone in this battle.  No two situations are alike, so I grouped them by "family size" just so you know what to expect.  Some are more narrative based...some love to share their coupon and freebie knowledge....some are serious and some are more whimsical.  But they are all real people, doing the best they can.

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Single People On A Mission: 

Doing the Couple Thang:

My Journey to Eliminate Debt 

Newlyweds On A Budget

The Family Battle:

$12 a Day

444 Express

Blogging Away Debt


Digging Out Of Debt, One Spoonful At A Time

Destination: Planet Debt Free

Getting Us There

Head Over Heels In Debt

Living Better One Day At A Time 

My Year of Spending Less and Living More (Musings of a Midlife Mom)

My Life Journey 

One Family One Income 

Our Debt Blog 

$lay the Mon$ter

The Quest To Be Financially Abundant


Kicked Their Debt To The Curb, and Ain't Lookin' Back:

Budgets Are Sexy

Climbing Out  - no longer active

Debt Free By Thirty
Moving Out Of Debt - no longer active

Our Debt Free Journey

Frugality At Its Finest:

Gina's Kokopelli

All My Other Friends that I Just Wanna Hug:

My 1/2 Dozen Daily

Mutant Supermodel