Oh my gosh!!!  As of August 27, 2014....we found out we are relocating 800 miles away!  The ENTIRE expense of the move is on this is going to be a huge financial hit.  We are hoping to keep costs down, but we have decided on a few things that will run us more.  We will be able to claim alot of it on our taxes, so I hope that the net effect won't be more than a few thousand.

I will be adding to this as we go....there are some placeholders for future expenses, and this is not exhaustive!!!  I do have a binder to keep all of this stuff, but wanted to share what it will actually cost to move a family of 4, with 3 pets.

As of 9/22/14:

Selling the house

Part of selling a house is making some improvements or fixing things to make it more marketable.  We are doing the work ourselves, so that cuts down on expenses.

  • Paint and supplies - $109.51
  • Repairs to house - $494.18 (may be able to return something and lower this)
  • Cleaning  - $75.82
  • Curb appeal - $77.56

Subtotal:    $757.07


Unfortunately, none of this can be claimed on our taxes.

  • Airfare for 4 - 
  • Food
  • Lodging


Moving Expenses

Here is where we can start claiming stuff on our taxes!!  We are trying to keep this down, but some of it is going to be high.  We are packing our stuff ourselves and collecting boxes as we can.  But in the end, we may need to purchase some stuff.

  • Packing Materials (boxes, tape, filler) - $19.05
  • Moving company (yes, we are hiring movers) - 
  • Travel
  • Food

Subtotal: $19.05

GRAND TOTAL:  $ 776.12

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