Friday, July 29, 2016

Showing some Bloggy Love

Go visit my dear friend, going by Vicki....over at Destination: Planet Debt Free.  There are lots of reasons to do so:

1)  It's her birthday!  So make sure you wish her lots of love on her special day.

2)  She is super sweet and a real person....who has real life problems and handles them like a real person....sometimes that means she makes mistakes.

3)  She is going through a rough patch.  Yesterday she was ready to cash it all in.....and close her blog.  The frustration of her debt, Murphy, etc crept up and she was ready to quit.

I want to quit too alot of the time.  My inability to make progress is embarrassing and frustrating.  My situation has just become comical.  But I keep trying and someday I will get there.

So, go show her some love today....because we all need that sometimes.

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