Friday, July 29, 2016

Now I pay the price

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For years....I have put my health needs at the bottom of the list.  My children always got what they needed.  My husband got what he needed. ebbed and flowed.  Usually it was some crisis situation that would force me to do when my son cracked my tooth during a tantrum (I was trying to give him deep pressure and he threw his head back into my jaw).

I neglected a lot of things.  I only did one dental cleaning a year because our insurance was so poor.  I haven't had a physical in at least 5 years (not because of the cost...which would be zero for the exam...but because I didn't want to face up to things and possible incur more charges for labs, test, etc).  I saw the eye doctor just so I could get my contact prescription renewed....and I saw the Ob/Gyn because ....well....because.

All of this has finally caught up to me, and now I am paying the price.

I went for an exam, cleaning and x-rays in March (which ran me $256...thank you lousy dental insurance).  I had a cracked filling, and 2 new cavities (between 2 back molars.....because I was terrible at actually flossing).  Well terrific.  The cost to fix 3 fillings was almost $600 that we didn't have.  So I didn't have it done at that time.

I had it done 2 weeks ago....but now needed an additional filling because I fractured a tooth....biting into an apple.  Years of grinding my teeth coupled with skimping on the dental care caught up.  No idea why...but the front filling was almost $50 more than the others.  So I walked out with $799.01 in charges on our Care Credit card (new numbers forthcoming next week when I do my yearly update).  I have 12 months, interest free for this.  But it is still $800.

And I am technically due for a cleaning in September.

I injured my back 20+ years ago, and have re-injured it several times over the past 15.  It never really healed.  I didn't have time to just rest and let it heal.  So I would get over the crisis and move on. After our move, my back when out BIG TIME.  I have been fighting this most recent injury for the better part of 7 months.  Most recently, it REALLY got bad 2 months ago.  I am at a point where I can't stand for more than a minute or two.  Everything hurts all the time.

I only get 12 chiropractic visits, and I waited too long to go.  I finally went this week. Le Sigh.

I have some disc degeneration (which isn't a surprise, since I have 2 parents with this issue...coupled with injury).  He said it wasn't as bad as he was expecting.  I also have cartilage degeneration of my  hip....because I have been overcompensating for so long for the injury of my back.  I can't get the disc back, but I have to protect what I have left.

My muscles are in such spasm that it is pulling the spine all out of whack.  And this probably has been happening over time for years.  The years that I ignored all the pain because I didn't have time or money to deal with it.

So now...his recommendation is multiple sessions a week to help loosen everything.  My insurance only covers 12 visits, so the rest are at a reduced rate for patients who have to pay out of pocket.  Total cost just to get to a point where I can start the rehab process (rebuilding the strength in my  core and back).....

$1236 dollars  ($300 is co-pay from insurance, and $936 for the rest).

If I don't do this now, I will continue to be in pain....and I will probably need surgery down the line.  So I am at the end of the rope on this one.I can't exercise right now because of the pain, which doesn't help my weight, blood pressure, etc.  I am at step 1 and will be for awhile.

I told myself I didn't have time.  I told myself I didn't have the money. I have no choice.  It will probably take me more time and money now than it would have if I had just done what I should have done years ago.  Call it the Health Stupid Tax.

I strongly encourage you to not do what I did.  I botched this all up.  Take care of yourself NOW!!!!


  1. Skimping on your health never pays. I hate going to the doctor, but there I go. Preventive maintenance is always better.

  2. I can so relate to this. For years, my health was on the back burner. I also had back issues from lifting and turning DS. I've tried to be better the past few years, although turning 50 meant a whole new set of issues :) The money is what it is - take care of yourself. I hope you get some relief from the chiropractic treatments.

  3. I too ignored signs as we had no money for me to be sick or see a doctor. Big mistake and I almost died from it. You are worth the co-pay.

  4. My last vertebrae is sitting on bone. I have two herniated discs and spondylosis...not sure of spelling. If I don't have the surgery, I will lose control of my bladder and bowels after being paralyzed from the waist down. I have insurance to pay for it. Money is not the problem. If I had money before to take care of this, my weight and life would have been better. I also did not take care of my teeth. sigh

    1. I am sorry you are at this point. I know how much pain I am in, and I have a high tolerance. You must be so far beyond me. Please take care of this so you aren't paralyzed!!!

    2. The rest of the story--torn meniscus in both knees, torn rotator cuff in both shoulders, carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists, injuries to both hands, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome.

      I do understand about not being able to stand for long. I cannot have surgery until I have a wider path to get through the house with walker.

      No, I am not a hoarder. Stuff from other parts of my house that leaked were dumped in the kitchen and den. I am not capable clearing it out.

    3. Is there someone you can hire to help with the house?

  5. Do you have an email for the guy from ourdebtblog?
    Could you check on him and report back?

    1. I e-mailed him....will let you know if I hear back.

  6. Replies
    1. I finally heard from him....he is ok but has alot going on.

  7. Thank you so much for doing that. I have been worried!