Monday, July 25, 2016

A boring update

I know we are still in July....but I am ready for September!  Mostly because I want to pull out my Fall decor.  In my mind, Fall starts when school starts....which is 3 weeks from today.  EEEK.  But since that is mid August, it is still too early.

We are all having a hard time wrapping our heads around school starting in mid August.  We haven't bought a thing.  Now that they are in High School, there isn't a set supply list.  We have miscellaneous standard supplies....pencils, paper, pens.  But I am not going crazy buying stuff until I have a better idea of what they need.  My goal for Sassy this year is to really work on organization and time management. 

Clothes....we are in the mid to upper 90's every day, so shorts will be the apparel of choice for a while.  No sense in buying anything now in that arena.  Sassy needed some shirts, so I got a few on sale at Kohl's last week.  Bossy has plenty for now...and he is in a growth I am certainly not buying pants!!!  Both kids will at least get a new first day of school outfit, and we will take it from there.

Their birthday is just over a month away.  They don't want their grandparents there.  They are learning.  My mom's birthday is 2 weeks before theirs, so I invited my parents over (again) for that, and we will do a combo grandma/kid my parents will think they are part of stuff.  I am sure they won't get anything for the kids "since their birthday is 2 weeks away."  And it will fall into the great abyss, like everything else.

My brother has officially set the wedding date for Memorial Day weekend next year.  He has already gone 10 rounds with Mom and Dad over stuff.  I am trying to help Bro where I can.  He and I have already started talking about the probability that Mom and Dad won't show up. 

In the meantime, this gives me about 10 months to get in better shape.  This has been a slow start since my back has been jacked up for about a month and standing is really hard, so walking hasn't been going well.  I called a chiropractor, but they don't take insurance.  Moving on to another one.....I looked in our provider book and found several, but none of them seem that great when I research them.

Finances!  Almost time for my yearly review.  The positive....the cars are so close to being paid off (I actually toyed with pulling some money from EF to do this....but a very odd and random path made me decide against it).  August is a 3-paycheck month for G-man, so part of it is going to the cars.  The negative....we are just now back to a point with income that I can figure out how to move forward.

Gosh, I am boring!!!


  1. Boring with finances is good. School starts here that early also and I dislike it. Right across the river, 15 minutes away, they start after Labor Day.

    1. I think I am bored with finances because I just keep backsliding. Not fun.

      As for school....we get out before Memorial Day, which is early too. I will get over it....we only have 4 more years. Eeeeeek