Monday, December 14, 2015

No longer Homeowners...part 1

Closing was on Friday.....and while the actual closing went fine, all the events leading up to it made for a FUBAR.

It started on Wednesday afternoon at 2:30pm when the buyers' attorney "decided" that the closing was going to be on Friday at 2pm.  Didn't bother to check with our attorney or realtor to see about their availability.  This is how the entire process has been with these people...they decide something and expect everyone to conform.  The other option was to do a closing by mail (which I never heard of), and my attorney said NO, she wants to see everything.  So Friday it was.

On Thursday, we still didn't have final numbers or instructions on wiring our money.  My attorney said she sent everything to the buyers' attorney and wasn't getting a confirmation.  She also said it wasn't uncommon and she will let us know as soon as she has something. 

Friday morning at 8:30am, we get the final number and instructions....oh, and I had to take care of this RIGHT NOW because the closing was in 5.5 hrs and the buyer's attorney wanted the money in his account ASAP.  Never mind that we were all waiting on him....

I got ready and went to the credit union down the street to take care of it, and planned to do a few more errands while I was out.  And then it started....

Even though I called my credit union (CU#1) last week and they confirmed that that this credit union (CU#2) was a "shared branch" and they will be able to take care of my was a different answer when I got there.  No, they are no longer a shared branch....sorry.  They gave me the name of another CU to call.  Went to the car and called them, and nope...they aren't a shared branch either.  They said try this other place.

Called my parents (who also have accounts with my credit union) and asked them where they go when you have to go to a brick and mortar place.  Dad didn't understand what I was asking.  A building, Dad....a  building...where do you go?  "Oh, a building.  Oh it is a crappy place."  Dad, I am not asking for the commentary....where do you go???  After being on hold with him forever and a day, he gives me the address.  Time check:  10:00am

GPS leads me to a so-so part of Charlotte....find the building and had to park in a parking garage.  Make my way to the suite (CU#3), and there is a sign on the door that they are no longer a shared branch.  I asked when it changed.  Monday.  4 days ago.  BUT, here are 3 other places that are still shared branches and directions to them.

Run back to the car.  Time check:  10:30am

Car won't start.  Are you kidding me??????  Called G-man crying.  He said he is on his way.

I called CU #1...can I do a wire transfer over the phone?  Nope.  Ok, now getting desperate, as I am sitting in my dead car.  Ask them if my dad is still an authorized user on the account (from WAY back when I was 16 and I opened the account).  Yes, Dad is listed under savings. Dad can do the wire transfer?  Yes.  OK good.

Called Dad and asked for help.  Dad is all confused.  Trying to stay calm. I give Dad the address of CU#4 and ask him to go down and take care of this.  I will send him everything.  OK.  Then I tell him I will call him back.....

Better double check on CU#4.  Call them....are they a shared branch.  YES!  YAY!!!!  Wait, can you do a wire transfer.....NO!  Oh no!!!!  CU#1 said that a shared branch can do all the same things....well their policy is that they will only do deposits, withdrawals.  CRAP!!!

Called the attorney...wire transfer isn't going to happen.  She is giving me grief.  If I can't get them the money, the closing won't happen, and then we have a new wait period, and a redocumenting fee.  I countered with "you all only gave me 5.5 hrs to do this!!"   Since the account I am depositing into is a national bank....can I just bring the check there and deposit it.  NO....there will be a 3 day hold on the check.  She said she will call the other attorney and call me back.  Time check:  10:50am.

Oh gets better.....


  1. Oh my goodness, they should have had the final numbers to you way ahead of time. I'm getting gray hair reading this.

  2. Yikes. Sounds like everyone surrounding you is incompetent. Incompetency and stupidity is bad enough all on its own...but when the source of it is also impatient and not understanding...well, I think at that point I'd want to slap someone. Can't wait to hear what happened next.

  3. Oh, Mysti, what a mess. We did a closing by mail, we were living in California and buying a house in Georgia. It was fairly simple, thank God.

  4. uhg! That is a huge mess. Bummer! Love your blog though! Super inspriring to us as we dig ourselves out of debt as well!

  5. Why, why do things have to be so complicated? Does everything have to be so hard? I ask myself... that all the time

  6. Gotta love those days when things go wrong from the get-go. Hope things are finally settled.

  7. When I moved to Chicago and bought my condo, I was a first-time home buyer. No one on the real estate or brokerage team had bothered to tell me that I would need to bring a cashier's check for the deposit and closing costs. And my bank had no branch in the Chicago area. We all ended up in the large local bank jumping through hoops to get me the money wired from my bank. It was insane.