Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Oh the boxes!

I will give you a better update later this week.  The cable guy came this morning, but the Internet on the computer isn't working right.  At least I have wifi again.

We are trying to settle in.  I am not "seeing" all the things I disliked initially anymore.  Trying to figure out all the light switches....some of them do nothing.  Still figuring out where stuff will go.

Kids started school yesterday.  Bossy had a good day.  Sassy was in tears when I picked them up.  She is so overwhelmed.

But we are all ok!


  1. It will get easier! I'm sure it's just so much better now that you are all together again :)

  2. Poor Sassy!!! Change can be so hard! Especially for kids that age! I'm happy Bossy had a good day though! I agree with the other comments...It will get better, so hang in there!!!!

  3. Glad it's starting to come together, starting a new school is always a bit of a disaster.

  4. Sometimes light switches in apartments activate wall outlets. And sometimes they only activate one/half of a wall outlet. This is so you can easily turn on a lamp when you enter a room.