Tuesday, December 15, 2015

No longer Homeowners....part 2

In case you missed it, here is part 1 of the FUBAR day.

G-man shows up, and I just started crying.   He looked at my car, and got it to start.  No idea what the issue was.  It was turning over, but wouldn't start for me. At least he got it to start.  We are talking about what our next move will be, and I thought of a new plan (not sure what plan version we are on at this point...Plan E?)

Texted the attorney....does the money have to come from MY account?  My new thought....can Dad do a transfer from one of his other accounts with a national bank?  I can give him the check.  No idea if I am allowed to do this, or if Dad is willing to do it.

Call Dad and ask.  He doesn't have enough in the account to cover what we need (he has a significant amount, but not the full amount), and even if I give him the check, his bank will do a 3-day hold.  OK, that plan won't work.  Thanks anyway.

Attorney calls back.  The buyers' attorney will allow us to do a CERTIFIED check into their account.  I have to take a picture of the check and send it to my attorney, and then after it has been deposited, send them a picture of the deposit slip.  OK....that is the new plan.  Time check:  11:30am.

I am worried about my car dying on the way, so G-man follows me to the credit union (#4) that said they were indeed a shared branch.  We twist and turn our way through Charlotte, into an area that G-man has never been to, so we both are just following GPS at this point.  Realtor calls....sorry, I am dealing with emergency.....can't talk.  She says ok, call her back.  Arrive at CU#4.  Time check:  11:50am.

Keep in mind...the closing is in 2 hours....

Go up to the teller and ask for a certified check in the amount of $18,442.38.  Yes...that is how much we had to bring to the closing table.  EIGHTEEN THOUSAND.  So I get this response...."oh, we can't do a check for that amount.  The max we can do is $2,000."   Are you kidding me????  She says that CU#5 can do it for more.  I ask her to call over and confirm before we drive over.  She calls....and they will only do a check for $5,000.

It took all the strength I had not to just crumble.  I called the attorney....can the money come from different sources....so can I do a $2k plus a $5k check, PLUS a wire transfer from Dad.  Yes, I can do it, but I need to show all the documentation for all of it, and did I realize that the closing is in less than 2 hours.  YES...I am acutely aware of this, thank you.

While I was on the phone with the attorney, the teller called G-man over and said that CU#5 will do an override transaction with permission from CU#1.  So I called CU#1 and asked what they needed....which was a note from me saying that I am allowing a certified check to be drawn from my account.  I scribble a note on a back of a piece of paper and ask the teller if she could fax this for me, along with a copy of my driver's license.  She did it, and good luck.

Off we speed to CU#5, which luckily was less than 5 minutes away.  Time check:  12:15pm

Meanwhile, Dad calls back to tell me he worked something out and he now has the full amount if I still need it.  No thanks, Dad....I am on Plan R by now and I have to see this plan through at this point.  I am at least 45 min away from my parents and I can't drive there at this point.

CU#5 was more than happy to cut the check in the full amount.  Take a picture of the check to send to the attorney.  Meanwhile, G-man is on the phone trying to find the closest national bank branch.  There is one 5 minutes away.  Time check: 12:30pm

I look at my phone and there are all these text messages and e-mails.  Something went wrong at the walk through.  They were claiming we didn't leave the key to the shed (yes we did...it is on the key ring with the other keys you have)...and accused us of leaving the shed (that they didn't even go into since they didn't think they had a key) a mess that they would have to clean up (we left a bucket of ice melt and a snow shovel in there).  Also they are claiming that there is all this debris and trash that we didn't deal with, and they are refusing to close until we deal with it.

WHAT??  All of that was picked up last week by the trash company.  Then the realtor's office called to tell me that they took care of it and it was all set.  OK, fine.

Go to National Bank and deposit the check.  Send a picture of the deposit slip to the attorney.  Are we done?  Can I breathe yet?   She has everything she needs....she will let us know if there is anything else.  Time check:  12:45pm

The story should be over.....right?  But it isn't.


  1. I would go to jail but I would kill the buyers of your old home and the attorney, and maybe both realtors. Can they make things harder then they need too? Glad you are young, all this stress is a killer. Cheryl

  2. Really, I mean REALLY people grrrr....

  3. I am tired and stressed out just reading this......

  4. Omg, I would have had a kineption. That is beyond ridiculous. Only thing I can say, is that I am glad the ending is that the house is sold.

  5. This whole story is insane! It sounds like the realtors and attorneys all dropped the ball on you! Hopefully this time next year you and GMan will be laughing about this!

  6. Would it make you feel better if I told you we had to bring $42,000 to our closing? And our movers dragged our electric piano across the living room, leaving huge scratches, so we had to pay to have the living room/dining room floors refinished before the new buyers moved in???

  7. this story is crazy. www.giveawaypost.com

  8. I am just amazed your dad could almost cover 18k out of his bank account. My kids would be hard pressed to ask me to cover $100...lol.

    1. Well that is the thing with my parents. They have money to cover things. They choose not to. This is part of the slippery slope that comes from dealing with my parents.