Wednesday, December 16, 2015

No longer Homeowners....the final part

Here are parts 1 and 2 in case you missed them.....

So, here we are at the bank.  Check has been deposited.  All should be fine now.

Except the car won't start again.  We eventually get it started (and haven't had a problem since then) but since I still had things that I had planned on doing for the day (back several hours ago when the banking errand was supposed to be a 15 min thing), I was leery about my car.

G-man said he will take the rest of the day off, but he needs to go back to the office and close out a few things.  OK, I will follow you.  In hindsight...I don't know why I didn't just go home.  Dunno....made sense at the time.

Get to his office (Time check:  1:15pm) and look at my phone to find another long text message from attorney.  Trash/debris is NOT taken care of.  Realtor called our trash company who will now charge us $65 to remove items.  Buyers won't close until they see proof that we took care of it....which we thought we did before we left CT. 

At this point, I just don't care anymore.  We have been raked over the coals since the inception of this deal, and at 1:15pm....45 minutes until closing....I just don't care anymore.  I call the trash company, pay the bill, and wait for the receipt to come through so I can forward it on.  I text the attorney that I am waiting on the receipt.  She replies she is in the car on the way to the closing.

G-man signs me in to his building....and they didn't want to accept my driver's license as identification.  Why?  Because in CT when I renewed my license, it was marked "not for federal identification" because this was several years ago when blah blah blah.  But he let me through.  Gee, thanks.  Oh....but I can't take my cell phone.

I have attorneys and realtors ringing me every 5 minutes for a closing in 45 minutes, but I can't have my cell phone.  That won't work.  I will just sit here and wait for G-man.  Then security guard says that G-man is allowed to have my phone.  Fine.   Can we please go?

Receipt comes through...I forward it on.  Are we done yet???

No....there were 2 things that were delivered to our CT address by mistake.  They were supposed to come to our SC address.  But they were in CT.  The buyers wanted them removed from THEIR property before closing.  Um....until you sign the ^#$%@ papers....that property is still ours.  And when the items in question (a box to ship back a cable box, and an envelope) were delivered...the property was still ours.

But instead of asking us what we wanted done with OUR stuff, the realtor just took it back to her office.  Fine, whatever.  Don't care anymore.  Just make this all go away.

About 3:00pm, we get a text that it was done....nothing surprising happened at the closing table.  And CONGRATS!


Oh, and I forgot something from part one.....when the attorney told us that the recording fee for something or other is usually $53...but if our mortgage document (which she had not received yet) had the word MERS on it...then it would be $159 for the first page, and $5 for each page after (and I have no idea how many pages it is).  But she won't know that until she gets it...and then we can send her a check.  This is a check on top of the $720 she charged us for fees, power of attorney, mail costs.  All of this was announced to us in a text in the middle of the credit union shuffle.

Whatever.  I don't care anymore.

By this point we are home, and call the electric company to cancel the service.  I get all the way through the discussion on the phone....for the guy to tell me that because bill was in G-man's name....only he could cancel the service.  Fine...hand G-man the phone to confirm that yes, we no longer need the service.  The water company was only slightly more helpful in transferring the account out of our name.  And lastly...the home owners insurance....terminated after we sign the form that they will e-mail us, but effective as of that date.

And now.....we are done.  Our house is gone.  All utilities have been removed from our name, final bills will be sent.  Minus completing our taxes in a few months....there should be nothing else (unless the attorney needs more money....).

I cried in the morning as I was getting ready to go to the bank.....I am still feeling like we have taken a huge step backward.  The move was incredibly expensive, and I am a bit frazzled to figure out how to dig out from that.  We had been making progress....and I feel like it is all gone.  And then after the day we had (which actually bled into Saturday...but that is a completely different, expensive story)...I just continued to feel like we are back at square one.

New years is coming....fresh start.


  1. What an awful ordeal from start to finish. I am so sorry - you have had quite a year. Praying the new year is a turning point for you and thankful you are all together again.

  2. Selling a house sucks. The fees are amazing. I kept owing more and more in property taxes. I paid money for a door that 'didn't close', but that the buyer couldn't tell me which one. I was ready to walk away on the day of the closing over the tub stopper.

    Next time I am a buyer I will apparently need to ask for more. The house we bought was filthy. We should have said more about that.

    Here's to the new year in a new location together as a family.

    1. The fees have taken my breath away. Ridiculous.

      And I agree...when we buy a house, we are going to have to be more aggressive in what we ask for. I really thought that some stuff was part for the course, but I was wrong.

      We are enjoying being back together though.

  3. Thank goodness it's over. I don't understand how you would be paying to record a mortgage. Wouldn't that be a buyer expense?

    FWIW, I do think you made the right decision. When you're living in a high coat of living area, it really eats up a larger portion of your income. You will be farther ahead in 5 years here than you would have been in CT.

    1. I think it is to record the payoff. Dunno at this point.

  4. I agree with ND Chic...You are still in the very expensive Connecticut mindset! What puts you back here is NOT going to be the same as down south! You will probably be in a MUCH better place five years from now down there than you would have been if you stayed in the old house!
    I'm glad that the saga is over for you! I cannot believe how demanding/rude these buyers were to you! Yes it is a business transaction but there is something to say about common decency! When we bought our house (from a little old lady who recently had lost her husband) we did everything we could to be as accommodating as possible and in the end it worked for us. She installed a high end radon system for us when just a hole in the cellar with a pipe could have been considered as "passable". I think sometimes people forget their most basic manners in situations that involve money. Good for you for keeping your head (and obviously some sense of humor) through this ordeal!
    Glad you are continuing to blog! I can't wait to see what the future holds in store for you!

  5. $
    Some people are just no Damon good and that category would be your buyers. It'll be better here in the south, that's not how we treat people, we were raised better.

  6. Wow the people who bought your house sound like total jerks!!! Happy for you that it is finally over. Onward and upward :).

  7. I want to find those people you sold your house to and smack them. It makes me so mad. Jerks, pissants, pigs, I could go on and on. Remember honey Karma will get them. I mean really? You are going to be better off you just watch. Have a Good holiday.