Monday, November 23, 2015

One week!!!

We are down to 7 days.  SEVEN.  EEEEKKKK.

Most of the house is packed.  I was hoping to get a little farther than I did over the weekend, but in all energy level is low.  I am tired of this move.  I am tired of the stress.  So there were a few times that I opted to watch a TV show with the kids rather than pack.

Last week was stressful.  Alot of my plans got put on hold when......wait for it.......

The appraisal came in low.

I got the phone call at 4:30pm from the realtor (don't even get me started about her....I am so done).  The appraisal came in $2,000 under the net price.  From what she said, the appraiser was rude to her when she met him the week before, and he was half hour late.  I think he was still mad that she said NO to the original day he wanted to come (she was at a closing), and then I said NO, you can not come in 2 hrs. 

Realtor said most appraiser can massage the numbers a little to make it work.  Since their job is to compare houses, you can choose whatever houses you want that have closed in a period of time in a given radius.  The idea is to pick houses that are most like yours.  But by picking THIS house over THAT house, it can change the numbers.  Since a deal can fall through when the numbers don't work....most appraisers will do what they can, within reason, to make it work. 

This guy didn't.

What this meant was that we, as the sellers, had to lower the price again.  Additionally, the buyers were not able to roll their closing costs into the mortgage.  So now everyone is having to come up with more money.  The buyers agreed to do it (which was interesting since a month ago we were told unless we gave them a $7,000 credit, they weren't going to be able to buy the house....or any house for that matter). 

This led into the realtor telling me how the poor buyers are victims in all of this.  And how it was a miracle this whole thing didn't fall apart.  I countered with "if they are the victims, what does that make us?"  Additionally, the appraisal really shouldn't have taken 3 if it was all going to fall apart, it should have done it weeks ago....not after all the wheels were in motion.

In the end, we had to make up the difference, which equated to an additional $1500 after adjusting for a smaller commission (since the purchase price was now less) and less conveyance fees.  Additionally, closing now has been moved up to December 4, so we will get more of a tax credit back and it will be less days that we will have to be responsible for the house while it is empty.

The estimated number we have to bring to the closing table is $18,500.   We had $19,500 put aside for the move (which was including the movers).  So now we are mostly tapped out on the move.  All of the remaining moving expenses that can be put on a CC (we need some cash for tips, tolls...since we only have one EZPass) will have to go there for the moment.  We will have about $2,500 that will be refunded to us from escrow, utilities, home owners insurance.  As soon as that cash comes in, it will go toward the new moving charges.  And in Feb/March when our taxes are done...that refund money will hopefully pay off the rest.

Additionally stressors were the school not having Bossy's reports ready when they said they would, finding out that one of my doctors wants to charge me $0.65 A PAGE to copy my 400+ page charge, my boss finally realizing on Friday that I had 4 more "official" days in the office and freaking out, and a few rounds of telephone tag for other things.  Plus, G-man did a "final" walkthrough on the new townhouse....and it was FAR from done.

This week is busy!!  In addition to trying to finish everything up at work, phone calls, change of address at the post office, finish packing...there is also other stuff..  G-man will be here on Thursday.  Friday, we have to meet with the attorney to sign paperwork and Sassy has a Chorus concert.  Saturday will be taking the dead washing machine to the recycle yard and Thanksgiving dinner with friends.  Sunday we get the rental car. 

And to answer everyone ahead of the, I am not excited.  I am upset about the money and don't see us buying a house for a very long time, if ever.  I am scared.  I am tired and stressed out.  I am lots of things....excited is not one of them right now.  I am happy about our family being back together...but it is coming at a very steep that we will be paying literally and figuratively for years to come.


  1. You are really getting down to the final hours! Even though you had to bring more money to the table, at least the sale still went through and you can put this behind you soon. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving with friends and a smooth move.

  2. I'm so sorry, moving is so stressful even when everything goes smoothly. We had a house come in low on an appraisal, the buyers wanted the house so bad they anted up the extra money, we were lucky because we sure didn't have it.
    It will get better, you know that, but it's not much comfort right now.

    1. We had wanted to split the difference with the buyers (75/25). But it seems that my realtor cares more about them than us.

  3. So sorry. Sending good thoughts that things get done and you guys can move on TOGETHER as a family. Because in the end, that is what really matters at the end of the day; for you guys to be back together. Good luck with everything.

  4. Hey honey chin up! Things happen that don't make sense but they will eventually, you'll see. Keep your thoughts on the good things- and there are always good things. Maybe it's time to bring up Mysti's good things entries until you are a little more relaxed. It might help! Warm Miami hugs to you!

  5. I swear nothing is ever easy. Everything comes with a series of problems. Don't you wish you could make it different? I am sorry, I would be very cranky right now. Actually I would be hysterical. It is hard to see the bright side when you are pissed off. So I will not give you accolades about how wonderful it is going to be when you are together. But I will tell you you will get through this. It is okay to be angry and frustrated. Drink some wine, eat some chocolate and look to the future.

  6. There's always a bright side. Even though it's hard to see when you're in the midst of a terrible situation. At least you had that extra money put back for moving. Every decision that you made in the last year helped you be more prepared for this very moment. Good for you! You're in the home stretch!

  7. Wow..did you guys save up $19500? That is a huge accomplishment. Pat yourself on the back :).