Monday, November 16, 2015

14 years ago....and T-minus 2 weeks!

TWO more weeks.  I fluctuate from being overwhelmed to feeling good about where we are. 

But 14 years ago today.....we went to closing on our house.  Both attorneys commented how smoothly everything went.  And it did....we signed a zillion pages, and in an hour, we were homeowners. 

We had a 2 part celebration.  For lunch, we got sandwiches at a local Italian market, and sat on the floor in our living room for our first meal in the house.  Later that evening, we went to Outback and saw the first Harry Potter movie in the theater on opening night.  :)

We were still in our lease until January, so we had the advantage of being able to paint without furniture and move things over a little at a time.  The following weekend was Thanksgiving, and I prepped our meal at our apartment, but we brought it all over to cook at the house.  We ate dinner on a blue folding card table (and we still have it!).  I painted the living room a dark blue (I was into dark, moody colors then) which covered the rose pink that we inherited.  G-man worked on our bedroom, which went from yellow and robin blue to a silvery sage green on top, and a darker shade on the bottom.  George Harrison died....the classic rock station we were listening to told us every 5 minutes.  It became a joke when there was something that was just repeated over and over, we would look at each other and say "did you hear that George Harrison died?"

Now we are fielding questions from the neighbors about their soon-to-be neighbors....and we actually don't know anything about them other than they live in the same complex we lived in before buying the house, and their lease ends in February, so they will be taking their time moving in and making whatever changes they are planning.  Sound familiar?  The circle of life.....

This week will be finishing up the medical stuff, and working on all the transition items...banking, post office, etc.  Work stuff is coming along, but I expect that I will get alot of stuff this week.  This coming weekend will be our last weekend before G-man arrives.  I already told him that I won't be 100% done when he gets here, but I am trying to be at the 90% mark.  

Lots of extra things this week too.  Orthodontist today, last Scout meeting on Wednesday, School meeting on Thursday, Goodbye dinner with the work people on Thursday evening, Pizza Bingo with the kids on Friday, Ziplining for Bossy on Saturday.  And I am trying to go see my great-aunt on Sunday.  Full calendar.

Saying goodbye is starting to hit me.  In 2 weeks I will close the door for the last time in our house.  I know I will be opening the door to my whole new life, and that is exciting.  But saying goodbye is harder than I thought.  Many of these people I will probably never see again.  "My" house won't be my house anymore.  No more pizza from our favorite pizza place.  Lots of little things.

We are in crunch time....the boxes are piling up.  A pile of donation stuff is sitting in my room to get dropped off this weekend.  Everything we have been working for this past year is coming together. 


  1. As anxious as a we all are to see you move on , it will be hard for you to let go of many things. But remember we will all be here waiting to hear from you and will help you get through the new transition. Your blog buddies will always be there.

  2. How exciting! And scary! Prayers for a smooth transition.