Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Phone calls

I have spent more time on the phone in the past month than I ever have.....well....except for being a teenager, back when teenagers actually talked on the phone.

My voice is tired.  My ears are tired.  I am ready to take a phone break.  Just to give you an idea....in the last 24 hrs, in addition to talking to G-Man and work related calls I have also called:

New medical equipment company
New GI doctor
Old GI doctor twice
New pediatrician
New vet
Mortgage company
Trash company
Cable company
Oil comany
Old medical supplies company

6 more days.....


  1. What about the electric company? Water? Orthodontist? Sorry to add to your list but you are getting it done. Good job!

    1. Electric and water are next on list. Orthodontist is pending.

      I never said I was Done! Lol

  2. I pity you. When we moved mom I just took care of the medical and my sister spent hours on the moving things. At least we could split it up.

    1. At least G-man is dealing with the townhouse. ...

  3. How is it going with the kids' school. When we moved to South Carolina, l had to transfer IEP services which took some back and fourth and then ended up having to have our daughter re-evaluated for everything. It all worked out and I am very happy with our school district.

    1. So far, I love the new school. Bossy just had his triennial testing so they have all up to date testing. They are able to match his schedule so he should be in great shape.

      And Sassy is looking forward to hopefully be in the GT program. She will have to be tested because CT doesn't use the nationally recognized testing. But based on how she has done on all her past testing, she should qualify.