Monday, September 15, 2014

Box of Stuff

I have a problem finishing things.  I can get all the way to the goal line, and then stop. 

I am finding out what a problem this is as I am readying the house for sale (contract with the realtor is signed...the sign and the lock box go on this week!).  I have been cleaning and purging and PURGING and packing.  But I keep ending up with a "box of stuff." 

This box is left over after all the the rest of the stuff.  And typically it is stuff that goes with something else, or something that is "homeless" in the house.  I have been really trying to be ruthless and get rid of stuff.  We have thrown out at LEAST 2 dozen bags of junk, and that doesn't include the donated stuff.   But I keep ending up with a box!

These boxes (there is one in the office, two in the bedroom - one is G-man's stuff) is causing me alot of anxiety.  I want a room to be DONE.  And I have this box mocking me.

I am going to guess if I put the boxes together, I will end up with that darling box marked MISC, and I should just call it a day.  I know there are a few things in the office box that are still needed and can't be packed, so I need to figure out that.  But I can't stand the box.

Moving has really opened my eyes to the amount of JUNK we had.  It has also confirmed that our house has inadequate storage and the importance of taking care of stuff right away instead of "later."

In the meantime....the photographer will be here later this week.  We basically have today and tomorrow to get to the finish line.  And then we have to maintain everything....oh, that is another anxiety provoker! 

And we have to hope we get a buyer.  My gut is saying that it isn't going to happen now.  I know all about being positive....but I am a realist.  And I just think that what we need to get from the house isn't going to happen now.

One thing at a time.....


  1. Girl, I feel for you. We were just there a few months ago and I shutter at the thought of it. You will get through it though.

    I agree on the boxes, you may just have to make them misc and call it a day. You will purge more after your move - I know we did. That's ok. It is full process.

    Overall though, this is such a good thing - a cleansing type of activity.

    1. I don't want purge stuff at the other end....but I think it may happen anyway. But gosh...where the heck did this stuff come from??!!

  2. Yes the misc. box. For someone that moved 11 times in 9 years I remember and feel your pain, but I am still so darn excited for you!

    1. And the sad thing....we are still at the beginning of the move!

  3. Hmmm know what I would do? Put it all in one box, tape it, and put it put it away somewhere. If it's still sitting there untouched when it's time to move, you can just dump the whole box without even opening it and looking at it.

    1. I have done this with some things...but with my current boxes...I can't. There is stuff that goes with other stuff....some stuff I have already packed without realizing that there were a few other things that needed to go. I have a bag of photos that got pulled from albums and never got put back....I have stuff that I am still using, but trying to not keep out.

      But trust me....there is so much stuff that I just dumped....