Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Other stuff....not moving!

All I have talked about for a month is the move.  And while it consumes all of my thoughts, you shouldn't be subjected to it all the time.  Sorry!

So other stuff that (financially) has happened....

1) Escrow reimbursement.  Because our taxes went down ever so slightly on the house, our escrow account had a surplus.  So we got a surprise check in the mail for $342!!!  WIN!  I would have been perfectly happy to let it sit in the account and it get credited toward the house when it sells....but here it is.  Not that it is really staying.  It is going toward the expenses we have already laid out for fixing up the house.  But at least that covered our window ($288) and flowers ($45). 

2) Bossy's supplies.  Oh, I will NOT miss the company that currently supplies all of our feeding tube supplies.  We have not received a correct bill in at least 2 years.  And the woman who places the order each month oversteps her bounds and questions the doctor's orders.  Anyway, we got a bill for the Oct, Nov, and Dec 2013 (yes....last year) orders.  We previously had gotten the bill for October back in the March 2014 area.  And it was messed up.  We had a credit at that point and stopped paying monthly until they got the following months billed...since I didn't want to keep paying them for an unknown amount. 

So yes, they are finally billing it.  And the bill was wrong.  Again.

Once again they didn't subtract the discount for our financial waiver (actually, I was told that someone did, and then someone un-did it before the bill went out).  The $515 bill went down to $158 with the credit we had. 

We MAY have a slight bill after this, depending on how they bill things.  Our 100% waiver kicks in for 2/2/14...so there are about 5 days before that which haven't been billed yet that are technically at 60%.  It would be about $10.  Who knows what they will do....or when they will do it!

3)  Taxes at the store.  My brother bought Sassy a sweater for her birthday at a national chain store that sells over priced, very sparkly clothes.  Sassy loves them.  I say ick.  But that isn't the point.

The sweater was the wrong size, so I took it back (with the receipt that Bro sent with it, just in case) and did an even exchange.  Then they proceeded to charge me the difference in tax!  My state has a higher tax rate (go figure....) than Bro's state.  So while I didn't get charged anything for the item, I was expected to pay the difference in the tax.

We have returned and exchanged lots of things over the years at a variety of stores, and I have never been charged the difference in tax.  So I called customer service to inquire about it.

First the girl tells me it isn't their policy, it is the state. 

Mysti: This is CT policy? 
Girl:  Well, no.
Mysti:  So where did you get this information?
Girl:  From Home Office.
Mysti:  OK, then it IS company policy.
Girl:  Yes.

*sigh*  Then yes, it is THEIR policy.  This girl has no idea what I am talking about....she is reading it from a book.

She proceeds to tell me that the company isn't going to eat the cost.  I tell her that if no refunds or charging of difference in tax, then there is a good chance that it will be a net zero anyway.  Plus, there is always the price of doing business.

For the record, this wasn't about the AMOUNT I had to pay in tax....it was that they advertise free returns/exchanges....and my exchange transaction wasn't "free."  No, I wasn't charged to actually exchange the item...but I am penalized because I live in a more expense state than my brother.

The bottom line was I lodged my complaint and told her that I will be less likely to tell family to purchase from the store because of this.  She offered to send me a gift card for what I paid....no thank you....it was a very small amount and I don't need the GC.  I didn't tell her what the amount was.

It was 20 cents.

It wasn't about the 20 cents.......it was about the policy.

My BFF laughed at the story.  She said it sounded like the scene in Father of the Bride where the dad wigs out over hot dog buns.  Enjoy!!!


  1. Oooh was it Justice? My Daughter started talking about it the other day because lots of girls in her class have stuff from Justice but that her grandmother took her shopping and it was way too expensive!

    1. Yes. There stuff is horribly over priced, not well made. Everything is ALWAYS 40%...sometimes you get another 20%....clearance isn't too bad...you can get 80%. But do yourself a favor and steer clear....it isn't worth it.