Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A nothing interesting update

I miss you guys!  I skim posts, but I haven't really had time to read!  But I hope everyone is doing a-ok!  I am hoping that things will calm down soon.

The realtor had to cancel for yesterday, so we rescheduled for Saturday morning.  I am emotionally ready to get the show on the road....let's get this puppy listed and sold!  Physically...we are still working on things.  Everytime we think we are almost done...something else pops up.  It is like a selling your house version of Whack a Mole.]

The house is conspiring against us.  Stuff keeps breaking.  All of a sudden.  The thorn in the side right now is the main bathroom faucet.  We have a European faucet, so the replacement parts are not off the shelf.  We contacted the place where we purchased the faucet, and purchased $20 of parts to fix it.  They came....with postage due.....over the weekend.  Once we got the parts on Monday, G-man discovered that they sent incorrect parts (one was totally wrong, and one seemed to be a "universal" part that didn't fit).  Called them again....they are sending new ones.  In the meantime, we ordered a new faucet from Amazon, just in case.  It should be here by next week.  It can always be returned....but at least we have a back up plan.

The window we ordered 10 days ago was suppose to ship yesterday (it said 2-9 days to ship....nothing like being at the high end of the range).  It should be here Tuesday.

Why is everything we need taking so long to get here.....grrr.......

The weather here has turned cool.  G-man is going to close up the pool (that we barely used this summer) in the next day or so.  I am ready to take out the a/c units, but he wants to wait a few more days....just in case.  Whatever.

I told the office staff at our meeting on Monday that I am leaving....and one said, there is no snow there!  (Which isn't totally accurate....they get a very little, tiny bit)  I said....yup....want my snow boots?  :)


  1. I hate it when little things like that happen too... i'm sure it'll all work out ok though! :)

  2. This is what selling a house is like, once you get it perfect you sell it!