Sunday, June 23, 2013

GBU - June 23, 2013

Yay!  School is OVER!!!!

  • Bossy's endoscopy results are good....nothing there we didn't expect.
  • Sassy's room is "done."  Still needs some final touches, but all the big stuff is done.
  • Pool is open.  Just need a final vacuum and to test the water.  Oh, and for the water to warm up!
  • Promotion ceremony for the kids was very sweet.
  • Bossy was a PILL at the hospital.  Lots of tears and carrying on.  DRAMA DRAMA.
  • No idea what my brother is doing about his visit next week...I know he will be in the area.  End of my knowledge on the subject.

  • Dentist informed us that Bossy's permanent teeth are coming in OVER his baby teeth.  Add in his cross underbite....and we are looking at MAJOR orthodontics.
  • Still don't know what my parents are doing about their supposed visit in 2 weeks. I am concerned about an ambush.

  • Sassy won an academic achievement plaque at promotion.  And she was chosen to read an essay during the ceremony.  So proud!

So....where are you all at this week???

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  1. This week is moving week... again! So that will be most of it. Glad the goods/greats than bads.