Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Busy lives!

I am not lost!  Just crazy busy!

Like most families, June is a busy busy time.  End of year school stuff.  Getting ready for camp.  It seems like every time I think we are "done" something else creeps up!

We have had doctor appointments, and tons of phone calls to track down the forms I needed for camp. 

My boss is out of the office part of this week, but he was crazy all over the place last week!!  Made for complicated days....I would start something, and then get pulled away.

G-man took this week off to do house stuff. Project 1 (fixing the Bilco door to the basement) is done. He is currently finishing up the makeover on Sassy's room (painting done, carpet cleaned, putting together her desk and dresser and reloading today). He will steam clean the other rugs while we have the cleaner. Next on the chopping block is.....the pool.

This week, the school scheduled all sorts of things, and unfortunately, we can't attend everything.  One thing was yesterday, and I didn't see the information on it until last night...oh well. Then there is a reading thing today, and DARE graduation tomorrow, the kids' social on Thursday, and "promotion" on Friday.  We just can't do that much in one week.

Bossy has a medical procedure on Thursday (scheduled 7 months ago, when they were supposed to be out of school already). 

And then Friday is the 5th grade "promotion" ceremony. 

My brother will be in town the last weekend in June.  Oh, and my parents "may" be coming in early July.

My aunt is in the hospital, so I went to see her over the weekend, and will check in with her later this week after she gets settled in the rehabilitation center.

So....once things settle....I will hopefully get back to business.  Hope everyone is well!


  1. I've been crazy busy too... hope things slow down for you!

    I thought you had cut all the 'ties' with your parents? No??

    1. Hope things slow down for you as well!

      I did cut ties with them. However, there have been some feeble attempts on their part to contact us (I didn't go into it here, but I could write a novel).

      The short version of the recent stuff is that my aunt (the one in the hospital) got involved and wants us to "make up." So Mom called me. And mentioned that my cousins who live abroad will be in town in July, and that Mom and Dad were planning on coming up to see them. And they want to see Aunt. Oh, and maybe us. I didn't commit to anything.

    2. Ahh... I see. Well I hope it goes well for you and history doesn't repeat itself!

  2. No wonder. That's a long list of events. I did cringe at your parents' mention, but hopefully it ends up being uneventful. Good luck with Bossy's procedure!