Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Thanks everyone for weighing in on my bill.  As rotten as it sounds....part of me wants to say....your error....not my problem.  Even though I know that isn't right.  I want to take all the bills I have and uber analyze them before I call.  *sigh*  Just once, it would be nice to come out ahead.

Today's topic.....summer camp!

This is our 7th year at camp, and all I can say is I wanna go to camp!  There are 6 or 7 camps through the program and they are all set up the same: 5 days a week; one day at the pool; one field trip per week; and "theme" days.  Camp is 7 weeks ($70/wk for the first child, and $58/wk for siblings), and they offer extended camp, at a hefty extended price ($120 for the week, per kid).

This year they are going to a different "camp" within the program.  It is at the school that is the absolute FARTHEST from anything....so they are going to take the school bus to and from camp, instead of having us drive them.  The bus stop is the local elementary school, so we are 90 seconds away.

As they are getting older, they need to be around kids that are their own age, or even a little older.  Because Bossy has needed nursing, we have been "restricted" to which program they have gone to.  Technically, I could "demand" they hire a nurse to go where I want him to go....but the expense is ridiculous and I wouldn't do that to the program.  But now that he doesn't need the nurse....we have free reign to pick the program (within the age restrictions).

Being at the older kid camp, the themes are a little more mature (no more Disney day) but still age appropriate.  And the field trips are as well....instead of the bounce house place....they are going to an amusement park!  Plus the science center, a play, the movies, roller magic, and more. 

This year, "extended" camp is only 1 week (full week only), vs two weeks they have offered in the past.  Additionally, you have to sign up for the full week, instead of by the day.  We typically have sent them on the days where we both work (so 6 out of 10 days) at $15/day/child.  For $90....we got 2 extra weeks of child care.

We crunched the numbers, and we would actually lose more pay if we took off from work.  Plus, we have another week and half we have to deal with.  Neither of our employers will be happy if we are shifting our schedules for 2.5 weeks.  So, they will go to the extended camp.

Camp must be paid for in cash/check (no CC).  For the past few years, we have saved money each paycheck to pay for camp.  This year, we also sent the kids to Dog Class and Spring Break Camp...so we had to come up with another $250.  Plus extended camp is a little more this year.  I talked to our favorite person there, and she is allowing us to pay in two installments. 

I am signing them up today, and have $950 of the $1076 we need.  In two weeks we will have the remainder.  So it isn't too bad.  If we didn't do the other camps, we would have had the full amount 2 weeks ago. Years and Years ago....the kids were part of the "extended school year" programs, and the district paid the majority of camp.  One year, we paid $66 per kid!!  For the summer!  Oh well....times change.

What are your kids doing for the summer????

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  1. My kids started camp this Monday. They go to a youth center and we rotate among the different programs. The first two weeks, the youngest two are doing gymnastics and the oldest is doing half basketball half regular camp. The camps are from 8:30 - 6:00 PM and expensive, about $170 - $180 per kid per week and that's the discounted membership rate. I think the next two weeks, they'll do the swim camp. We shall see