Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Early Summer Update

*wiping brow*  Thank goodness the chaos that we have had is just about over.  I have no idea why EVERYTHING falls in one week!!

We are now officially on summer schedule, which really isn't that different than the school year.  The camp bus picks them up at the elementary school at 8:10am (or at least that is the scheduled time) and drops them off at 3:30pm.  Considering that the school schedule was 8:30am and 3:40pm...it really isn't a big change.  Of course, I now have to drive them to the school, but whatever.

As for Medical stuff for Bossy...we have Occupational Therapy on Thursdays for the summer.  It starts at 4:30pm, so we have just enough time to have a quick snack before we have to drive there from the camp pick up. We have a follow-up gastroenterology appointment in July.  No biggie. And....we have our first orthodontic appointment in a few weeks!  The fun never stops!

Meanwhile, back at the checkbook.....

I need to update the side bar, but I am now trying to do it monthly....so the new numbers will be up late next week.  But, we decided to pay Bossy's supplies as billed, and continue to put the $50 a month aside, just in case.  We know that once the insurance company pays for the past 6 months, we will have a balance again.  We are going to try to keep this as low as possible, while still putting a little something aside, just in case the bigger bill comes back around.

We still have overtime money that will be going to the dentist in a few weeks.   Of course G-man has an appointment, so the bill is just going to go up again.  *sigh*  I hate our dental insurance.

We dipped into our savings account more than I could easily replace in the past few weeks.  Some of it is poor planning.  Some of it is G-man not paying attention when he buys stuff!  July is a 3-paycheck month for me, so I am hoping that I can build it back up by the end of the month.

The car, retirement, and student loans just continue to do their thing.  One minor frustration is that the minimums and payment schedule for all of those are pretty locked in.  It is difficult to make any extra headway.  And they are all more or less scheduled to be paid off at the same time. 

Which leaves our lovely CC.  It is in a holding pattern at the moment.  Need to readjust and make some headway there.

On the other savings front....camp is paid for, and we are moving on to Christmas savings ($100 a paycheck).  Today is 6 months until Christmas....so it is about time!! Our "irregular" bill account will take a hit in July, as we have the car taxes and trash bill.  I am pretty sure we are within $50 of having the full amount (I had to take some out to renew my driver's license!!).  Those bills will arrive next week, so I will have a better idea then.

The cat account....*sigh*  Need to get some food and litter this week, so that account will zero out.  But I am so glad we had it when we needed it a few weeks ago!  (and Kitty is good to go....no residual problems).

And that is where we stand right now.  Nothing terribly interesting!!!


  1. Nothing terrible either, and that's pretty good! Glad Jul is a 3-paycheck month. My next one is in August. It's always nice to have that extra money.

  2. Summer just sneaks up, doesn't it? I have no idea how it does it, year in and year out. You are way more organized than me!

  3. Your organization, planning and budgeting skills amaze me. You are awesome!

  4. Sounds like you've got things well under control. Wish I had it together as well as you do!

  5. Wow I just love your blog. We are committing ourselves to getting our debt under control and your blog as really inspired me. Thanks