Monday, April 29, 2013

Just normal life stuff

Happy Monday!!

I survived the family function....albeit, it was considerably easier without having Mom and Dad there.  The highlight of it for me was talking with my 19 year old cousin.  He has been going through alot of personal growth and changes over the past year, and it was nice to share my "black sheep of the family" perspective with him. 

This week is "Screen Off" week for the kids.  It used to be "TV Turn Off" but the powers that be got smart and realized that kids still have phones, tablets, computers, hand held games....I have alot of little projects that the kids are going to help me with.  We need to go to the library.  And since the weather is nice, the kids have been enjoying being outside and playing basketball, riding scooters, and Sassy's favorite.....sidewalk chalk!

G-man and started talking about the "extra" money from overtime and such.  We decided to wait until the money is paid out (probably next paycheck), add in the 3rd paycheck money, and the other misc monies we have and once we know the total....we will go from there.

Hard core people will say put it all to debt.  I can guarantee that isn't going to happen.  But yes, some will go in that direction.  We are still kicking ideas around.  Most likely some will go into savings, some will go to the house, and some to debt.

This week will be full of returning stuff errands.  G-man bought a new wiper blade for my rear window, and it doesn't fit.  I bought several dresses for Sassy for the family function, and the ones that didn't fit or we didn't like all need to go back (it would have been easier if she was with me).  And my new nemesis....the little bathroom organizer thing I bought for under the vanity.....needs to go back AGAIN (the first one didn't fit, and the second one was cracked when I opened up the drawers).

My great aunt was recently in the hospital and has moved to a Rehab facility.  So I will go by and see her as well. 

Saturday is my I am trying to keep that day as open as possible.  I really just want to relax.  We will see if it actually happens. 

What's up with you all???


  1. How funny ... Saturday is my birthday as well. I certainly hope you have something relaxing and enjoyable planned, because it sounds like a lot of challenges for you lately.

    1. We are birthday buddies!!!! KEWL! What are you doing for your birthday????

      My son has occupational therapy at noon, but I really would love the afternoon to sit outside on the deck and read a magazine, drink some fresh lemonade....

      BUT, there is a chance that G-man is going to deploy my b-day might wait.

  2. Hopefully you'll get a little magazine and lemonade time, but being on your own with the kids may push that off to another weekend. But I'm hoping you'll be basking in sunshine and drinking lemonade!

    I've no particular plans. Saturday is typically the day hubby goes off into the mountains for an all-day 20+ mile run with his tribe of runner people. I will most likely be immersed in my schoolwork, agonizing over every word in the next paper I am submitting. My daughter has promised cupcakes on Sunday, so I am quite excited about that.

  3. Ditto Scribbles. Hope you get some magazine and lemonade time. Definitely get something for yourself! Your birthday only comes once a year, you know. The screen-off time sounds like something every kid needs, haha. Too many lights buzzing 24/7.