Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May!

The first third of the year is gone....the coming third is typically the most "chillaxin'" part of the year.....and the Fall is so far away, that most people don't care much about it at this point.

Here in CT....we have finally found a taste of SPRING.  The weather is nice this week, but it is still dipping down at night.  The kids are looking forward to not needing jackets in the morning anymore....but we aren't quite there yet.

We are still waiting to hear if G-man is leaving for Boston.  He is on Standby, which means he has to be ready to go if the call comes.  His bag is packed, his toiletries are gathered and just need to be thrown in his bag....and off he would go.  I have 2 meetings this weekend, my birthday, and miscellaneous stuff to do.....if he leaves, I need to figure out my new plan.  Oh well.  Everyone always asks me if it is hard when he is on travel. is all the same to me.  His schedule is such that most evenings he isn't home.  And most days on the weekend he is gone.  So, all in doesn't matter in that sense.  I usually plan meetings around the times he IS home, so I don't have to take the kids.  But, as my kids will tell you....they have sat through MANY meetings.

The biggest hiccup is that Bossy's normal status quo is thrown off.  He is a crabby patty because Daddy is supposed to be home on these days and times....and he isn't.  It really is rough for the kid, and all of us who live with him.

Moving on to the financials.....

We did our RESET last May 6 (which is Monday), so I will really discuss this more next week.  But the total number is slowly going down.  There will be a few changes to it by Monday, so I won't dwell on the exact numbers.  But so far, we are on target for where we thought we would be.

Four more paychecks and we will have camp paid for, and will move on to Christmas Savings.  Our Cat savings account is working out, as we have money for food and litter in there.  Their yearly vet visit falls later in the year, so we are saving up for that as well.

Our water bill should come by the end of the week, and that falls under "irregular" bills, since it is only 2x a year.  I am a little afraid to see this one.  Sassy loves her showers!!  We have been on her about cutting it back, but we will see what the damage is.  We have money in that account, but if it is too high, then it messes up the account savings for the personal property tax.  By July I will know if we need to up the bi-weekly savings for that account. of right now, we have used about $1400 of the $2500 max contribution to our FSA.  We have been saving more in a separate account, as we knew that the $2500 wasn't going to be enough.  The kids have a dentist appointment in June, and Bossy has an Endoscopy.  All of that will probably run $600.  G-man has a dentist appointment in July, so I am estimating that by the end of July/early August.....our FSA will be drained and we will have to start pulling from the medical account for co-pays.  We will have about $900 in the account by then.  So, that is in pretty good shape, barring any major surprises. 

That's about it for the moment....keep on bobbin' along!


  1. Lots of things going on, but happy to hear you guys are still on target. I hope they decide about G-man soon so they will stop keeping you all on hold. I'm sure that's hard for all families in the same situation.

    1. I will take on target. I had wanted to be ahead....but don't we all want that????

  2. Have you tried a timer for Sassy in the shower? Sometimes that can be effective, as long as its a REALISTIC time. Also, during the summer months, I catch the "warm up" water in a bucket and pour it on my outdoor plants. Our water and sewer costs are sky high, so every bit helps.

    1. We tried that. It was a big fail. Right now we just are using the yell into the bathroom....let's finish it up!

      Now that is good parenting!

  3. My daughter, too, is a big fan of the long showers. We have told her that having a long shower isn't bad, but having one every day makes the long shower seem less special. She is all about making something every day special, so that seemed to resonate with her and is working. Good luck!