Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekend Stuff

This past week has thrown off my mojo.  Having the kids home for an unexpected week....we are ALL thrown off.

There are things that normally are done on the weekend that really don't need to be done, because they got done earlier this week!  The bathrooms are "clean" (probably just need a 5 min wipe down), laundry is mostly done, most stuff is picked up. 

Bossy has occupational therapy today, and I will bring my crocheting with me (A HUGE thanks to Deborah who was so sweet to send me this long e-mail, which I didn't forget about....promise).  I pulled out my last attempt and started over.  Since this is just practice, who cares.  I still don't think my turns look good...but hoping they get better. 

I am in DESPERATE need of a home project.  Like it is causing me anxiety that I DON'T have one.  So I am looking ahead to spring and a few crafty things I can do to spruce up some spaces.  I have a ton of craft materials...I am sure I can find SOMETHING to do.

G-man is stopping at Sam's Club on his way home to get cat litter, and will pick up some fish for me for dinner.  I feel good about making some small changes.  So I am looking forward to fish and veggies for dinner.

Hoping that the weekend can just be a chill out and do what we want kind of weekend.  Those are rare!!!

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  1. I love that you're crocheting :) If you have a webcam, we can do a Hangout on Google and I can help you with stuff