Sunday, February 17, 2013

GBU- February 17, 2013

Half of February is gone.  Where did it go?  Oh yeah, it is under the snow....

  • G-man bought a $15 thingy for my tires, and we think it fixed the problem! 
  • Had my physical, and other than weight, all is well.
  • Taxes are done, submitted, and accepted.  Just need to wait for the refund (yay!  I was SURE we were going to owe).
  • Ordered my new contacts and found a good coupon code.  Already submitted the FSA form for reimbursement.
  • Awesome Friday at work.
  • G-man lost a ton of overtime pay because of the snow, plus some pay at his part-time job.
  • The job I applied for has closed, but I didn't get a call.  Oh well.

  • Blasted missed 5 days of school.  Love them, but they NEED to go back to school (on Tuesday....thank goodness).
  • Our bedroom is a mess!!!  I finally got the kids' rooms CLEAN.  Now it is turn to work on our bedroom.

  • Sassy really has stepped up to the plate on earning her money for her brother's tablet.  Less than $30 to go.
  • Bossy gained 1.3 lbs since his last GI appointment in October, and has had much less tube feeding. Hoping we can continue the trend.
  • G-man threw out the ratty jeans that were WAY past their prime.

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week?


  1. Glad your tire repair was a simple fix! Taxes? You go girl, we've yet to start ours. The loss of the over time really stinks. Snow days sure do wreck plans sometimes

  2. The Good: My house is CLEAN!
    The Bad: It is FREEZING outside! This is Alabama! It's not supposed to be this cold!
    The Ugly: I'm afraid I'm going to owe BIG on my taxes this year.
    The Great: I have a whole Sunday with only ONE obligation!