Friday, February 15, 2013

Gonna be a good day....

  • I had a nice hot shower, which is rare in our house in the winter (the radiators suck up all the hot water!!).
  • G-man made my lunch:  Soup, yogurt, and chocolate goldfish.
  • Get to work, and there is a box of chocolates on the table.  :)
  • Boss called to say he isn't coming in today.
  • Office is empty, and should be for the majority of the day.
  • So....while I have a ton to do, I get so much more done when I am alone!!  Plus, I can crank my Pandora music!!!  Today will be a nod to the 80's.  Guns N Roses' Paradise City is playing right now.  :)
Rock on, peeps!!!

Updated 2:35pm - Jessie's Girl is on now......I am alone again (as there were people here for a bit).  I have it cranked...doing filing.  *where can I find a woman like that*   :)


  1. Rock on! That sounds amazing, enjoy!

  2. I love mornings that start off on such a good vibe. I used to love when a specific coworker at my last job was on vacation. I knew he wouldn't drive me crazy and I would enjoy the work day.

    On a side note, I realized that I have been reading your blog since the women in red message board days. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and wish you the best on the job front. I didnt realize how truly a miserable person my job and living situation made me until I was able to move away and start fresh. Hopefully a new job will have the same effect on your life and overall happiness.

  3. That does sound like an awesome day. Enjoy!

  4. Good you deserve a slow nice relaxing day, at work! Yeah like that will happen, but still take the good where it comes!

  5. Oh good. Everyone deserves an awesome Friday at least every once in a while!!

  6. so glad you made a good day even better with the Jessie's Girl!

    hoping a new job is soon on the horizon for you...

  7. Sounds good to me! 80's music is awesome!!

  8. Enjoy NOT having the Boss in! Love Guns and Roses...also love your new blog design, I just clicked through from my reader!