Sunday, January 20, 2013

GBU - January 20, 2013

I realized this morning I haven't done one of these since before Christmas!  Between illness, friends, etc, I just haven't done one.  So here we are....back on schedule (sort of!)

  • PTA event went well.
  • Snow Day let me catch up on laundry.
  • My ING Bonus money for opening a Checking account at Thanksgiving posted (free $125!!!)
  • (men, look away)  Had my first mammography, and due to "dense tissue", they want me to come back for an ultrasound (no worries....I was prepared for this to happen.  Just not thrilled with it).
  • Bossy's speech teacher is going on maternity leave, so a stranger will be doing all of his testing that is due by late April.
  • G-man got hurt at work (he is ok!); barbed wire hit his eye.  It looks terrible...but he says it feels ok.

  • My paycheck was REALLY small due to illness, scheduled day off, and holiday.  Even though I have a 3-paycheck doesn't seem like it.
  • No idea what kind of job I am looking for.
  • Sassy is turning into a pre-teen.  Yesterday was filled with "Sassy" attitude (see why I call her Sassy here????), and the new addition....stomping off!!

  • As stressful as my job situation is, I am ready for a change.  Maybe a change will allow me some of the outlet that I don't have right now.  And if I can find something with a little more money....that wouldn't be so bad!

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week?


  1. Ok, I have to mention your paycheck was small due to a holiday being in there. Do you not get paid holidays? If that is the case, I hope you find a new and better job real soon!

    1. I only get paid for the time I work. No holiday, sick, or paid time off.

  2. Oh your poor hubby!! That has got to be killer painful! :( Poor guy!!

    Good luck stretching out your paycheck.. hubby gets no sick days or paid time off either. He only gets paid for holiday if he makes every shift before and after the holiday. Over Christmas, that didn't happen. lol! Oh well.. onwards and upwards!

  3. Ow, poor hubby. I hope his eye is alright with no permanent damage... what a scary accident. No particular GBU for me. Nothing unusual, thankfully... just boring and hard.