Friday, January 18, 2013

Fluffy Friday

Fluffy week we will return to our regularly scheduled programing....

1)  Cereal - is it only for breakfast?  Hot or cold?  Favorite?

2)  Christmas - is it REALLY all put away at your house....or do you still have some stuff hanging around?

3)  What stupid, little "chore" are you avoiding?


1)  Love me some cereal.  I am more of a cold cereal fan...usually Special K Red Berries.  But I also like Shredded Wheat (esp. the frosted kind!).

2)  Guilty....some stuff is still out.  I haven't had a chance to put it ALL away.  The outside decor is put away.  So to the outside world, we are good to go.  And the bigger stuff inside is put away (the main tree, kitchen tree, Yule).  I have stuff that is "almost" put away (like the kids' trees...the ornaments are off the tree, but I have to put the trees back in the boxes).  I probably have about 1.5 hrs of work to put it all away.

3)  Sharpening pencils.  This is the stupidest thing. We have a zillion pencils, and they are ALL broken, dull, etc.  The pencil sharpener (which came with our house!) is mounted under the stairs going to the basement.  I am just too lazy to do it.  So I sharpen per child, and they use those until they can't anymore.  I need to just take 10 min. and sharpen all the pencils.

Join in and post your own answers!!!


  1. Cereal: Very rarely.... I can't have gluten/wheat amongst other things, so cereal & I don't go together. I do make myself some organic brown rice cereal sometimes that tastes like cream of wheat. It's pretty good!

    Christmas: Yes, long gone!!! :)

    Stupid little chore: Ummm... sweeping I guess. I've been shoving it to the bottom of my list for the last 3 days. lol!

  2. 1) I used to eat cereal as snack and sometimes dinner alternative. Rarely did I have it for breakfast. Always cold and dry, since I can't have milk. Favorite? Good ol' frosted flakes. But will settle for Cheerios.
    2) Not applicable to me... though I still have packaging material hanging out in the closet.
    3) Vaccuming. I don't like it at all.

    I also much prefer mechanical pencils to wooden pencils. Other than replacing lead and the erasers when they become too dull, they're not bad.

  3. No cereals for me, too many carbs and most are high in sugars.. I usually do 1 egg for breakfast with a strip of bacon or turkey sausage...

    We put most of the Christmas stuff but noticed a picture frame out..

    Chore? I need to power was the windows... been saying that for 6 months :(


  4. Cold Cereal - if I eat it it's usually as dinner

    All put away - I can't stand it to be up past New Years Day


  5. No cereals - I do not like either hot or cold. Strange girl, I know.

    All Christmas stuff is gone! YEAH. The last vestiges I gave away last week.

    Repairing the clothing. I have been putting it off and putting it off. Also, checking my kids' work this week.

  6. I love me some cold cereal, I would eat it three times a day. But it is high in carbs and sugar.

    All is put away as of two weeks ago.

    Deep cleaning an old car we want to sell. But it is so cold out!

  7. 1. I love cereal! We eat cold cereal for any meal, as well as snacks. We also like oatmeal, cream of wheat, and cocoa wheats for a nice, tummy-warming dinner.

    2. Decor was put away a couple days after Christmas. We like to start the new year fresh.

    3. Dusting the ceiling fans. Worst. chore. ever.

  8. 1. I love cereal but rarely eat cold cereal because its too messy to eat at my desk. So I tend to eat oatmeal and being a southern girl.... grits.

    2. All the Christmas is put up, EXCEPT for my wrapping stuff, I have one more gift to wrap, for one of my friends, that I was supposed to get together with last weekend, but then my Mom had her car accident.... so that stuff is still there.

    3. Cleaning window blinds. I put that off so bad that they are always hideous when I get around to it!

  9. 1. Ummm, love cold cereal. Grapenuts with berries on top. And sometimes we buy Lucky Charms and eat for a naughty snack or for dessert. (I also love grits! The instant kind in little packets).

    2. Christmas is thoroughly put away. I even remembered to pack up the Santa refrigerator magnet.

    3. I'm with Jennifer on this one -- mending. Ugh. And I like to sew! But I don't like to mend and I've a small pile of it I've been putting off forever.