Monday, January 21, 2013

Coming out of the woodwork

Ever just think something is long gone....and then out of no where, it reappears?  About 2 weeks ago...that happened.  TWICE.

The Financial Advisor Re-Cometh.  Way back in June 2009, we hired a Financial Advisor.  We were trying to get out of debt, and nothing I was doing was working.  So we decided to try an "expert".  If you want to read about some of our experiences.....check out:

In the end, it didn't work out for us, and we fired him.  His lack of communication drove me nuts, and his plan relied on a perfect domino effect.  When one piece didn't work, he didn't have a back up plan to fix it. 

I got a phone call from the FA office....a different FA.  She basically said that the Business Manager was reviewing old files, and wanted to get back in touch with us.  They could tell from the file that SOMETHING went wrong, but they couldn't tell what.  The main reason they wanted to talk to us was that we have money in a trust account for Bossy, that we really never invested.  We didn't trust FA #1, and after that....we just sort of let it lie.  I don't know anything about investing, and I was NOT going to blindly try my hand at it.  So they would like to know if we would be interested in discussing it.

Not sure....we really do need to do something about that account.  And during the phone call, FA#2 even said we should find someone to help us, even if it isn't their office (since we may be soured on our previous experience).  G-man and I are discussing it.


Bossy's Supplies.  A few years ago the company that provides Bossy's medical supplies outsourced alot of their activities.  Included in that was the financial piece.  That was when we lost our financial waiver....(I looked for the post where I talked about this....couldn't find it....but it is there).  Additionally, we had several months where they messed up our order, and due to FDA regulation, they can't take stuff back.  But they charged us for it....even though we didn't order it or need it.  We pay $50 a month toward his supplies, even though the month cost can range from $100 (on the months we don't order much of anything because of previous months screw-ups) to $300 (when we need everything).

Apparently the outsourcing didn't work, and they have revamped it all again.  I got a call from the financial manager, who wants to try the financial waiver form again.  I flat out asked her what the income requirements our gross income is VASTLY different than what we live on.  She said not to worry about it....fill the form out....let's see what we can do.

Ok....I am filling out the form......we will see what happens.


  1. What a huge blessing it would be if you were able to get the financial waiver again! Fingers crossed for you guys.

  2. I hope it works out. I never like the way that all worked out. Here's hoping it all turns around