Sunday, December 2, 2012

GBU - December 2, 2012

Sorry I was MIA this week.  My week got away from me!!!

The Good:
  • House is becoming "Christmas-y".  Especially liking some of the changes we made (including moving the snowmen to a new!!!)
  • We actually have money left from last payperiod!  Pay day is Wednesday this week, so we just need to get to there.  We both need gas for the car, but that should be about it.
  • My Electric Orange Debit card came (I opened an account to get the $125 bonus.  I will transfer money for gas, and use it my 10 times, and done).
  • The boxes of gifts I have ordered have started to arrive.  It is so much fun!!!

The Bad:
  • Updated the calendar for December.....ugh.  How can so many things fall in a 4 week period of time?!
  • My bedroom has become the dumping ground for anything without a permanent home.  How romantic....

The Ugly:
  • I got a box from my parents (long story).  The kids' b-day gifts (from August) were NOT in there.  And the note said "Dear Mysti....enclosed are the following (insert bulleted list).  Love, Dad"  Warm and fuzzy.  And this is the s**t that I am looking forward to not dealing with any more.

  The GREAT:
  • My kids have the best sense of humor.  Very 10-yr old....but has us rolling on the floor.  (Warning:  this may be TMI for some of you).  Bossy, um....passed gas the other night, while sitting on G-man's lap.  Sassy said "and the Booty Trumpet has spoken!"  G-man asked what the Booty Trumpet says, and Bossy said "pssfffftttttttt."
  •  My boss and I disagreed about something that happened a year ago ("play" fight).  I looked it up, and turned out I was wrong.  Hey, it happens occasionally!!  My boss was gloating about it....and said "you are wrong so infrequently, I have to revel in it when it does happen!"  At least he knows that I am usually RIGHT!!

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week???


  1. Smart girl on doing the Electric Orange for the $125! I bookmarked the deal but forgot about getting back online when I had more time, so I missed out.

    1. I figured that I was going to need to get gas, so I might as well kill 2 birds with one stone. I am "hoping" that the bonus $125 will not have to go to taxes, and we can put $80 toward debt and $45 toward new furniture.

  2. Along the lines of your "TMI"....My boyfriend's absolute favorite thing is spelling farts. He lets one rip and then tries to spell them - his favorites end with question marks....delightful I know, but it is kinda entertaining when others join in (minus the farting part).