Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat - December 2, 2012

Here are the cinnamon ornaments we made as a family last night.  The recipe is super easy, and economical (thanks to the Dollar Store!!)

And on to the Chit Chat for the evening... 

Reading:  Nothing. I just don't have the down time right now!

Watching:  Tonight's "show of the evening" is Glee!  I have discovered that I like having a marathon of a particular show.  Right now, I have 3 episodes of Glee recorded, so that will take me through the night...and clear 3 hours of space on the DVR.

Listening to: Bubble Guppies (Bossy).  The shower going upstairs (Sassy).

Cooking/Baking: Baking....see above.  Cooking....I have to say that "I" really haven't cooked.  G-man did a pork shoulder in the crockpot, so we have been picking off of that this weekend.  I am trying to find some quick meals to make in the next few days.  Our December is so crazy... I need to get ahead of the game.

Happy you accomplished this week: Oh has been busy!  Tons of laundry and dishes (the wonder of not having a dishwasher...).  I cleaned the main bathroom, including changing the nasty curtain liner.  Earlier in the week I made a garland for the stairs, set up the snowman display, and have taken out a few other decor.  I am hoping that by Tuesday I will have finished with the Christmas-ing of the house (minus the "big" tree, which we will get on Friday).

Looking forward to next week:  This coming Friday, the 7th seems to be the day of "events."  We have both kids' parent-teacher conferences, Sassy has a Girl Scout singing event at the local Senior Center, and getting the main Christmas tree!

Thankful for today: Organization!  I have been able to work on the Christmas decorating without making a huge mess.  I can find what I need....take it out....and do my thang.  In years past, I was emptying totes and making a huge mess. Right now, I can say that the totes are in process of emptying, but are neatly stacked in the playroom.  No pieces parts!

You receive a clothing gift from someone who is very close to you, but you absolutely HATE it. Yet you KNOW that they're going to expect you to wear the item & "can't wait to see you in it!!!" What do you do?

First off, anyone who knows me knows that I wear my heart on my sleeve.  Just opening a gift like this is bound to cause problems, because I won't be able to fake my enthusiasm.  If the gift giver wasn't there, I would probably put it away, and never look at it again. If I knew I would see the person....I MIGHT suck it up and wear it.  But I can't imagine that I would ever end up in this situation.

Thanks to Carla for hosting!! 


  1. Those cinnamon ornaments look fabulous!!!!!! And I bet the smell amazing!

  2. Sounds like you're as crazy busy as always over there! At least you get a small respite from Dora! ;) lol!