Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Minor Decisions and Boxes

First off....thank you to those who weighed in on my work gift giving issues.  I know some people think that this is trivial, but when you spend as much time at work as we do....the tendency is to make it a big deal.  Plus, when you have that much estrogen pumping through the office.....nuff said.

So Rachel was kind enough to respond with the idea about a charitable donation.  I took this idea one step further and more personalized.  Our office usually "gifts" one or two of our clients and their families at Thanksgiving and Christmas (and trust me....over the course of the year as well).  This year, we have one official family (as in the company is sponsoring this) and one un-official family (one of the girls, her sister, and a few friends sponsor a family).

I decided to take the majority of the money I ear-marked for the girls and will split it between the two families.  I will get them each a gift card to the grocery store.  I need to double check this next part, but I "think" Dunkin Donuts has a deal going on gift certificates (12 for $10).  If that is the case, I will pick those up, and include them in a card to the girls with an explanation of what I am doing.

They are coming!  The boxes are coming!!!

I have gotten a bunch of shipping notices for the items I have purchased.  Within a few days, my porch will be filled with boxes.  Yay!



  1. That's a great idea to do a donation. We do that at the office too, instead of buying anything for each other, we just buy for the families we adopt (this year, the whole adopt-a-bear thing). Makes it easier on all of us, really. I'm waiting for 2 more boxes and I shall be done!

  2. I love that idea. :-)

    I understand the box anticipation. I received a couple last night & was able to wrap all of my gifts. . . save for the (extremely) old home movies I'm trying to convert to DVDs for my grandmother. Still waiting for confirmation that the company received them. Other than that, my shopping is complete!!

  3. I know you will be shocked, but I actually love that idea!

  4. Good ideas, saving some money this time of year is a great thing to do!