Monday, October 22, 2012

Random stuff

I have writer's block. I have it.  I want to tell you about our new budget system, but I don't have time to hash that out.  So I was trying to think of something quick and to the point to share.  But I got nothing.

So instead....I present a bunch of random thoughts:

1)  Why am I the only one who seems to know where the recycling bin is?  It is right outside the back door.  Yet, when G-man other people in the house finish something, they just leave it on the counter (not even rinsed out), next to the back door.

2)  What on Earth do my children do with the toothpaste?  The number of disgusting blobs of toothpaste in the sink seems to indicate that they are trying to communicate with aliens, and they need to make sure their E.T. friends can see their writing from space.

3)  How do my cats know the time?  They get fed at 10pm, and at 9:58, they appear out of nowhere.  And stare.  G-man thinks they will eat our faces off if we don't feed them.  I don't agree.  But how do they know what time it is?

4)  Why does the kitchen look messier in the morning than right before you go to bed?

There ya go....a totally pointless post.


  1. Hahaha. Very amusing thoughts. Well, if you only got fed twice or three times a day, I am sure you'd keep track of it! My parents' dog has food on her bowl and water available 24/7. She eats whenever. We're surprised she's not overeating. She's really good about her figure!

  2. For the same reason no one in my family knows how to change the toilet paper except me

  3. I think your kids are communicating with MY kids via toothpaste. How are we in the 21st century and still have crap globby messy kids toothpaste?!

  4. what you guys are saying is that our household is not alone in these problems.....*wiping sweat from brow*

  5. I so agree with what everyone said......


  6. our daughter put the labels together herself, she's good at that sort of thing.


    1. I made the labels for bookfair. I know you can order them, but I figured it would be less expensive to do it myself.