Sunday, October 21, 2012

GBU - October 21, 2012

The Good:
  • Gas prices have dropped some.
  • Kitty's bloodwork from the vet came back normal.

The Bad:
  • New budget system isn't entirely working.  Hoping it will just take a few pay cycles to iron out the problems.
  • G-man is having trouble getting my O2 sensors off.  If he can't do it, then we will be forced to bring it to the mechanic. 
  • Discovered how few long sleeve shirts Bossy has! 

The Ugly:
  • Bought tickets to fly to my parents' house.
  • The lack of storage in my house is getting out of control. 

  • For 20 seconds....I was caught up at work.  I was so excited.  And then 2 people sent me a bunch of stuff.  But those 20 seconds were fantastic!  I haven't been caught up since July.

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week???


  1. The good:
    I got up my patchwork sewing tutorial on my blog!
    I made a nice amount of extra income this month.
    I was able to donate a nice amount to charity ths month.
    I got a bit more Xmas shopping done.
    The Bad:
    Mya has another fever & ear infection.
    We had to miss going out for gmas 91st bday today since we had to go to the drs.
    Hubby thinks he's getting sick.
    The Ugly:
    I feel like I'll NEVER get caught up on our laundry again. lol!
    The Great: We have AWESOME tickets to see Eric Church & Colt Ford in concert on my birthday next year!! :)

  2. whomever invented sensors on cars wants shot, bloody annoying things....LOL

    Our week was a little better than last but still having a hard time over losing Molly though.


  3. Good - got a new job offer, & we get to go to Hawaii (had to cancel due to a prior work conflict that now doesn't matter). YES!
    Bad - spent a bunch of money on the trip. Mostly planned, but it still hurts to spend it all at once.
    Ugly -the boys are really starting to churn through the food. I need to spend at least a few hours/weekend cooking & baking for the week ahead. also, my workouts sucked this week.