Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bummin' hard today

Frustrated doesn't even begin to cover my feelings right now.

The paycheck/OT/direct deposit mess created it's own problems.  I am slowing figuring all of that out.  But it is taking alot of concentration.  G-man and I talked about it last night, and all he said was "sorry."  He still doesn't get the anxiety this all causes for me.

I had REALLY thought we would be below 60k debt by my blogiversary.  But that wasn't accounting for the almost $700 it was going to take to fix the pool.  All of the OT that G-man had and will have in the coming weeks was all supposed to go to DEBT, not the pool!

Gas prices are finally coming down (a little).  But the damage is done.  We have been paying about $600 a month for gas.  That is almost $200 more than the original budget.  A few months of that....and it adds up.

It seems that our therapists have changed their billing cycle, and are only billing to insurance monthly.  So it takes almost 2 months from the time we write the check before we get reimbursed.  Again, it causes some problems when you are paying almost $400 a month in co-pays.

I should be glad that we aren't using our credit cards for everyday purchases.  The rise in the card balances in the recent weeks is from the pool, and 1) the OT screw up, thus not having the money to pay it off right away, and 2)  having to wait for payday when the OT was worked almost a month ago (G-man's payroll is offset by 2 weeks).  The dental bills...it happens.  Those don't stress me out other than I just hate that our dental coverage stinks.

I am failing to understand how we redid the mortgage, which freed up $200 a month, paid off the car, paid off one student loan.....and we are where we are.  I am bummed.  I am not sure why this is SO hard.  I expected it to be hard, but this is insane.  I feel like I am constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul.  I really don't like missing a goal....but I am finding it hard to see how we are going to pay $5000 in the next 6-7 weeks.



  1. I'm sorry Mysti, I completely understand the frustration that comes with being the lone bill payer and then something goes wrong.

    Goals are a great thing to aspire to, but sometimes when we are so focused on the result we forget about the progress that has been made. I hope you can look back and realize and enjoy the progress you have made, like not using credit cards and all the things you have paid off.

    All these things that are popping up getting in the way of your goal are not your fault, That is something to be proud of, that you are not getting in the way of your goals.

    I hope you feel better soon , but in the meantime we are here for you. :)

  2. Anyway reasonable to dump the pool at the end of summer?

    Have friends come over for one last swim, then drain, break up concrete, fill in? A NON-pool party?

    Sometimes the definition of a pool seems a little like the definition of a boat: a hole in the water into which you throw your money. Except maybe it's a hole OF water ...

  3. @444 - gotta love the pity party, huh?

    @Niki - I know I should focus on what we HAVE done, not what we HAVE'T. But it is hard some days....like today!

    @Anon - nope, the pool stays. It will cost over 3x more to get rid of the pool than it will be to fix it. I hate the pool....the only reason we have it is because it came with the house. NEVER again.

  4. Awww Mysti. I know how you feel. I've been down this road recently. Niki is right. Be proud of what you have done. And remember, Goals are to be aspired, not to distract on the bigger picture.

  5. I agree sometimes you just have to focus on what you have accomplished and be happy that you have changed.


  6. Mysti--maybe you've already read it, but I'd recommend getting Amy Daczyzn's classic "The Tightwad Gazette" from your local library. If you are really serious about your goals (and it seems you are) then maybe you need to be more extreme in your frugality. Amy has lots of excellent ideas, sort of along the lines of Dave Ramsey's "rice and beans" approach....some people find it too extreme, but it gets results and fast!

  7. Mysti, hang in there. I remember a few months ago there was a lot of posts where you had seemingly insummountable challenges. Since then you have paid off the car, and numerous other things.

    At the moment this is a set back. Just focus on how far you have come. $76-65 is pretty amazing. You are at the hardest part now, but the snowball is growing.

  8. I can only imagine how frustrated you must be! Missing small goals is irritating -- missing the big ones --- well that just makes you want to throw a temper tantrum! But, you have accomplished SO much so far and have had quite a few twists and turns along the way -- but your progress has continued and it will continue -- keep your head up and keep plugging away. HUGS!