Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Light Bulb Moment

Sometimes things are staring you in the face, and all the pieces are there, but you just can't QUITE see the forest through the trees.  And then the grand epiphany happens, and you hit your head and say "Duh.:

This happened to me last night at Weight Watchers.

First of all, I am happy to report that I am happily back on medication and feeling MUCH MUCH better.  I lost 3.0 lbs this week, for a total of 29.2 lbs since I started in January 2009 (this is important....)  I had hoped to hit 30 lbs before my birthday in May, but obviously that didn't happen.  So now, I am trying to hit it before our vacation in 2.5 weeks.  I think 0.8 lbs is doable in that time!!

Anyway, we were talking about maintenance of weight (which in WW land, is staying within 2 lbs plus or minus of your goal weight).  Now, my goal is still pretty far off (about 40 more lbs).  But once you hit goal, and maintain it for 6 are considered "lifetime" and you don't have to pay anymore.

Duh!  I knew this.  But again, really didn't put it all together.  I pay $43 a month for Weight Watchers.  And debated stopping this for the sake of debt repayment.  Decided my health was worth it.  But each time I am not following the plan....I am not only cheating myself of health benefits, I am giving WW my money!

An older woman commented that she has been lifetime for 2 years, and struggles, but she said "I just don't want to pay for this anymore."  DUH!  The longer it takes me to lose this weight, the more money I am paying!

I joined in January 2009....or 18 months ago.  43x18 = $774.  Since I have lost 29.2 lbs, that averages out to $26.50 per pound!!!!  If something was $26.50 per pound, there is no way I would buy it.  DUH!!!

So, here I am.  Totally and completely back on the wagon.  Wouldn't it be cool to not have to pay $43 a month anymore, and be healthy, and have a rockin' bod????  I think so too!


  1. That's good that you added another motivational factor to your weight goals. That would be a pretty good amount of savings to get me to lose weight. Best of luck to you.

  2. Wow.....I never really calculated the price per pound in my head on the days I go over my points. Great Motivation!

    I gained 60 lbs after college and lost it on WW about 8 years ago. I quit when I reached a size 14 (my always have been size) and have maintained it since. I finally decided to try to lose the extra weight I've carried around since I was 12. I put it off, because like you I didn't want to spend the money. I'm 36 now and the extra weight will just cost me more money in health care as I continue to age.

  3. @ Kevin - Thanks!

    @ Jenn - I am 35 now, and about 40 lbs heavier than I was when I graduated college. I want to be healthier for me, but also for my family.

    I am curious to see what the "price per pound" will ultimately land at!

  4. Mysti,I just rejoined WW and have been struggling. Putting it into perspective like this is very motivating. Thanks for the price per pound analysis!

  5. Hey, I found a new blog to put on my blogroll. Cool. :) {Will update w/ your blog tonight}

    It's amazing what you find out when you calculate the numbers. That's a hefty price. It would definitely motivate me to become a lifer. BTW, I didn't realize they had a 'lifetime' and that you didn't pay anymore. That is kind of cool. But its a thing you will always need to maintain. But just like our finances... it shouldn't be a problem {right?} ;)

    Best of luck and hard work with your fabulous goal!