Monday, May 31, 2010

Ramblings about a buffet restaurant

G-man was off from his part time job this morning (although as I type this he is at his main job...with holiday pay!).  We took a family shopping trip (more on this later this week) and decided to stop and get lunch (don't lecture me on the eating out thing, please!)

We went to an all you can eat buffet place....I think this was the first time in YEARS we had been there.  I mean, this is not the mecca of cuisine.  But the kids had fun.  A few things I noticed:

1)  Drinks are no longer included.  They now charge you an additional $1.79 if you would like to drink something other than water.  I am curious how they really enforce this....yes, it is on the little card on the table that we did indeed purchase drinks.  But how closely are they paying attention?

2)  The plates are WAY smaller.  I am guessing that some number cruncher figured out how much wasted food they had, and figured if they had smaller plates, they would waste less.  I know it can't be because they care about our health (c'mon...this is not the best for you food).  Also got me much did it cost to purchase all these new plates?

3)  As a spin off to Numbers 1 and 2....the drink glasses also shrank.  I would say they were maybe 10oz?  G-man drank a whole glass in one chug.

4)  Kids meals are actually a GREAT deal.  $2.99 for each of my kids.  Includes drink.  While neither of them ate a huge amount, if you have a good eater.....they can go to town!

All in all, we spent $25 for all 4 of us (including tip).  Not great...not horrible.  I just found it interesting how the economy seems to have changed this type of dining experience.

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  1. Personally I drink water when I eat out so I think it's great that I would save $1.79. Granted I rarely go to all u can eat cuz I can't eat a lot at a time anyway without going home feeling sick lol