Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bliss - June 2, 2010

What keeps me going?  What is that spark of sanity in an otherwise insane world?  Today I have 2 wonderful things to share:

1) Watching my kids sing at their spring concert.  Bossy Boy loves music, and he was belting it out like a superstar.  Sassy Girl flashed her award winning smile and my heart melted.

Who told them they could grow up???

2)  Our family is walking in the Autism Speaks walk in support of Autism research and awareness.  Our generous friends and family have come through in spades....and currently, we have raised $1,070!!!  We are now part of the VIP group, and it is all thanks to the great people we have in our lives who love and support us.

We are immensely proud!

How about you?  What was your bliss today?

1 comment:

  1. My bliss was finally going for the spa facial my husband got me a gift certificate for back in April, for our anniversary. It was heavenly (and a total splurge on his part).