Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bonus money

G-man just got a $400 bonus at work.  WTG G-man!

With that first instinct was "woo hooo!!  Money to pay for Vacation!"  Then I thought "wooo hooo!  I might be able to pay off hospital #1 next month!!!"  Then, I thought about it.  If I got a bonus at work, G-man would tell me that it is mine to do with what I want.

What I want to do.....that is usually put it towards debt.  And typically that is what happens.

See, my boss knows if he gives me money as a bonus, I will spend it on the kids, bills, etc.  So when I get a bonus, it is in the form of a gift card to The Gap, the mall, etc.  He knows how women work.  With the exception of Holiday Bonus, which is cash (that I have been saving up to go shopping when I finish losing weight!), all of my bonuses have been gift cards.

But this is different.  This is cash.  But I told G-man that it is his to do what he wants.  Secretly, I am hoping that he takes some to fix the *&%$^% boat that I hate just so I don't have to listen to the complaining, and the rest to debt or vacation.

He told me he is planning on using some for the boat...and is undecided on the rest.  He mentioned various fishing places and how much fun he could have!  I really am hoping that cooler heads will prevail and he will think about the team, and not just him as the player.

ETA:  As a spin off....G-man is continuing to think about himself on an unrelated matter.  After 12 yrs of marriage, he still doesn't get it.  And I think that is why we aren't making more progress on our debt.  He and I still function as "he and I" and not WE.


  1. Breath it out! I don't know any part of a boat that can be fixed for part of $400?

    I would show him what you pay in a month in interest and show how that can be reduced by payig off a single card. That might make it more real. Just a thought

    Visiting from Yakezie

  2. I feel your pain. I was in a relationship in which I would be working on the debt and there was a bunch of empty promises to help pay it off. I finally got tired of it and left. I still have the debt, but I working it on getting out of debt.