Sunday, June 13, 2010

GBU - June 13, 2010

UGH....this week has been a mess, personally.  And my GBU accounts will reflect this.

The Good:  As I stated a few weeks ago, we got a PepBoys Rewards gift card in the mail for $75.  I used part of this towards our pre-vacation oil change and look-ee-loo of the van.  All in good shape! I used a 10% coupon, so my total came to just over $30.  But....KACHING!  There is a $13 rebate for oil minus the rebate, the total will be a $17...and we still didn't pay for any of it.

I was going to get some other car items (washer fluid, stuff for the next oil change that G-man can do himself), but I am clueless on this and G-man wasn't with me.  This gift card expires at the end of July, so we have time to go back.  And as an added bonus....ANOTHER $35 in gift cards arrived this week.  That one expires at the end of August.

Needless to say, our next several oil changes will be on them!  (I love that G-man knows how to change the oil.  This time I just brought it in due to time crunch, and wanted them to look it over before our trip).

The Bad:  Vacation is looming, and expenses are adding up.  Food for the car, extra sunblock, a few new things for the kids for the car (color wonder markers, some stickers, etc.)  I am wondering if we are actually saving any money by packing our own food.  Adding it all up, it is getting pricey.  I am trying to remember that other than the perishables, everything else is for 2 trips....going and coming back.  And the going back perishables probably won't cost us much....since we will be at G-man's mom's house. 

There were a few expenses that weren't water bottles with a straw for the kids (the ones they have now have an open lid).  But I didn't want to deal with spilled water.  And we got headphones for Sassy.  And a few new books (it was BOGO at the school book fair!!).   

Additionally....I failed to adequately save up for our one bigger splurge on vacation....taking the kids to the aquarium.  I know we shouldn't take them if we don't have the money.  But considering we will only go home once a year, if we don't take them now, it will be NEXT year, and we can't predict what stage Bossy will be at by then.  We know now he can handle it and will enjoy it.  So.....shame on us for doing it anyway.

We are still struggling with a zero balance saving for these things is really hard.  Not an excuse.  Just an area that need vast improvement.

The Ugly:  Without going into too much detail....let's just say that it hasn't been a good week for me and G-man.  It took a huge argument for him to finally begin to "get it."  I mentioned in an earlier post he got a bonus, and he figured it was all about was the OT, and a past bonus, and his day off......and everything!  Upon further investigation....his "new" bonus was actually in his paycheck 2 cycles ago, along with a ton of OT, so we didn't see the delineation.  There went his boat repair!

He still isn't really fully getting it.  That he is being selfish, and anything worth having is worth a little sacrifice.  He doesn't step up to the plate.  He doesn't take responsibility, and he really thinks that I am going to do it all and then some.

During my fit of anger, I spent some Kohl's cash on top, a bracelet....and I bought 2 pairs of capri pants because I couldn't decide which size fit one pair will go back as soon as I decide.  Total damage out of pocket (one the other pair of pants go back)...about $27.

And then I took the kids out for dinner....again, out of anger......other $25 bucks there.

As you can tell, there was alot of emotion behind spending this week!   How about you....what are your GBU?


  1. Oh I hate when I get upset...I spend like crazy as well and then regret later. Ugh.

  2. Yep! The emotional spending is the worse. I'm partial to the "Poor, poor me, better buy lots of GOOD (read, expensive!) chocolate and stock up on the Ben & Jerry's, and Gee, I owe myself a couple of good books and a movie to make up for all those other family members who are making me nuts" buys. It's a good thing I hate clothes shopping!

  3. Definitely been there! I've been known to walk out of the house and go get my hair done at a higher end salon -- definitely a splurge!
    Do you think he "gets" it now or was just saying that in the heat of the moment? Time will tell... I tell you, guys are wired differently. "I worked hard and therefore I deserve it" mentality. Never mind that WE work hard, too... ;)