Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Is your coffeemaker a time-suck?

Yesterday, I knew I was getting strep.  I decided just to go into the local walk-in clinic, get my script, and get back on the road to recovery.  I spent 2 hrs, 15 min in there.  This gave me ample time to catch up on some magazine reading.

I perused the April 2010 issue of Real Simple, one of my favorite magazines.  This issue focused on "time" and had a short article on modern inventions that seem like they should save you time, but really don't.  I was appalled to see "coffeemaker" on the list.

The author claimed that making your own coffee was a time suck.  That, in order to do it right, it could take up to 5 minutes to clean, set up, and brew your own coffee.  Over the course of the year, this would add up to.....wait for it.....ONE whole day.  Thus, that one day is a time waste.


The author neglected to factor in 1) cost savings of brewing your own, and the more obvious, 2) the time it takes you to wait on line at your local Dunkin Donuts/Starbucks/Tim Horton or where ever you like to purchase coffee.  Don't you wait at least that long? I know I do.

To think that our innocent coffeemaker is being labeled as a time suck.  It is blasphemy!  My coffeemaker was put into the same category as a Roomba (faulted for the amount of time you have to spend looking for it.  I really don't see that 5 minutes as a time suck.  In the morning, my freshly brewed happiness is waiting for me as soon as I get downstairs.   Would it really be better to wait the 2 hrs (the amount of time between waking up, and when I actually leave for work) coffee-less?

Highly disappointed in the article.


  1. I would never view my coffeemaker as a time-suck. It takes me longer to drive to the coffee shop and go through the drive thru. Plus, I was on a latte everyday kick back when I thought I credit was money, it was expensive! Way more than five minutes of my time.

    I suppose giving up coffee all together would save both money and time. I tried once, people begged me to back on coffee!

  2. You are SO right and "Real Simple" (known as "Real Expensive" around my house) is SO wrong. I set my coffeemaker the night before so I can wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

  3. If I skipped the the 5 minute brewing process I'd lose about 3 hours of productivity every morning!

    I'd just end up with my head face down on my desk slowly trying to think of reasons why it's important to open my eyes.

  4. WTF is right! I will defend my coffeemaker to the death! I love my coffee. There is nothing better than have my coffee in the quiet morning hour. It soothes my soul and gets my day started right. Do you want to know what a waste of time was? The author writing that article.