Monday, January 18, 2010

Totals...sort of

One of my goals for the year was to keep better track of our spending habits. One flaw in my plan has surfaced. Cash. I rarely use cash. G-man....seems to think that cash is "secret" money. If he uses cash to buy a soda, then it doesn't count toward the totals. Same thing happens with his credit card. I had to add up our checking account totals with his credit card totals to get these numbers.

Grocery Total - $128.33

I looked at our checking account and sorted by transaction name (so all the grocery ones would show up together). Came up with $95.48 to date. Looked at G-man's credit card, and that total went up to $128.33. His credit card accounts for almost 25% of the groceries purchased this month. And this doesn't account for anything he has paid cash for. HMMMM. Interesting. Still doing pretty good this month as a whole though, even though the refrigerator is kind of empty.

Gas - $308.07

UGH. We don't go tooling around town wasting gas. We live almost exactly half way between each of our jobs, which are about 30 min away in opposite directions. Add in gas for taking Bossy to therapy weekly, and the rising gas prices....and here ya go. Sad thing, we still have almost 2 weeks left in the month. What can you say when your gas bill is over 2x your grocery bill???? If this move does happen, we are DEFINITELY living closer to G-man's job.

Eating out - $63.96

This number accounts for cash that I know I have spent, and trackable transactions. This number could be better. And we have already planned on going out for our anniversary, so I know that this number is going to be high this month. Definitely an area to keep a reign on.

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