Thursday, January 21, 2010

We rocked it!

This is sort of a sidenote to debt....but it will come back around....promise.

At work, we had a state audit today. The company will be 3 yrs old this summer, and this is just one of those mandatory things that the state does to make sure we are doing what we are supposed to. I have put in many many hours prepping for this. I usually work about 18 hrs a week, and I put in almost 40 last week, and then another 20 this week (in 3 days).

We did awesome!!!

We are the first company to score 100% compliance...EVER. The auditors couldn't stop gushing all over us of how awesome we are. And as a big ole kudos to myself and the supervising therapist....he told the auditors that we were the ones who put the majority of the work into it. After the audit....he stepped out of the office for a bit, and came back with a HUGE bouquet of flowers for each of us.

So, my paycheck is going to be considerable larger next week than typical. And the only thing I can think of.....WHOO HOOO....major payment on the debt!!!! I have absolutely no interest in going shopping or anything like that. I am going to celebrate by making a big ole payment to a creditor.

Congrats to my boss and our company for a great job!


  1. Good for you putting all your overtime on the debt. It is fun to see it go away.
    We are doing it too. Making a slow progress.

  2. Love your blog. Your honesty and realistic attitude is refreshing. I'll be cheering you on :)