Sunday, December 27, 2009

The move

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a potential move. it is. If you read this post, I also said we have been down this path before, and I wasn't going to get myself worked up about it. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

I lied. I ALWAYS get worked up. I am a proverbial "Cart before the Horse" kind of gal when it comes to this.

The original job I posted about is dead in the water. Upon further investigation...he isn't qualified. But, another job opened up at the same time (application is due tomorrow!). And he is WAY qualified for this one! We really do have a good shot at this one.

So, here goes Mysti's panic, ahem...I mean plan.

1) We are going to have to pay for the move ourselves. Even doing it ourselves, it is still going to cost a few grand.

2) If we can manage to pay off G-man's retirement loan BEFORE a move, we can dip into it as part of moving, and not have to put it on the ole CC. We would also have some liquid asset to use as a down payment, closing, etc. We have no equity in our house there won't be anything left.

3) Here is a LONG shot.....if we were able to close before the end of April, we would qualify for Obama's house credit! We would need a bridge loan since we probably would not have sold this house yet, but details, details. But getting this credit would allow us to pay some stuff back quickly.

4) I looked at the housing market there...and while I would love a completely updated house, I think we could handle one that needs some TLC. The mortgage would be lower. And once our snowball was really rolling, we would be able to update.

5) If I did manage to sell this house and buy a new one quickly....I still wouldn't take the kids out of school before the end of the school year. This might require some type of temporary housing, or maybe renting our house back from the new owners.


So I am trying to get this house in as good a shape as possible, pay stuff down quickly, and keep my sanity. Maybe I exaggerated a bit and called it a plan. Maybe it is closer to a brainstorm.

Any of you who have done a big move before.....thoughts? Suggestions???

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