Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Murphy, go away!!!!

Well, no need to figure out where the extra money from overtime and extra pay check will go. G-man took care of that this morning…

When he got into a car accident. With the kids and one cat in the car. Everyone is ok. But…

Now we will have an insurance claim which means a deductible. From what he said, it is too much damage to the other car for us to pay for it privately. I am sure there will be a rate increase in our insurance too. I had a minor accident last year (or was it 2 yrs ago?)

I could vent off about non-debt related items, but that is another blog all together. I was already thinking that I might be able to pay off a few things under medical and just make them go away. Or maybe pay off one student loan.

I am annoyed now.

I need some time to lay it all out. Too many changes! Need to fire the FA. Need to get a grip.


  1. So I guess the accident was G-man's fault? So sorry to hear that, but I'm glad everyone's okay.

  2. Mysti...
    When it rains..it pours..huh?
    Sorry about your hubby's accident...BUT, I am glad that everyone's alright.

    I feel your frustrations...MORE than you even know. I'm a stay at home mom...but, take care of a special needs 2 year old 24/7 (i mean, he doesn't eat, walk, talk...he keeps me hopping) and darling hubby and I were just talking about me getting a night job just to help chip away at our debt.
    You know...we all have to just do what we can do. Focus on the positive...that is the ONLY thing that keeps me sane each day.
    BECAUSE, my dh crashed our car this year too...
    just add it to the list...
    shrug it off..
    hug that hubby and your kids...that's all that ever really matters.

    (email me anytime...i'll be your personal cheerleader!)