Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Car update

I am finally breathing again. Did you know that oxygen is a good thing????

When I got home from work yesterday, I looked at G-man's car. didn't look so bad. Looked cosmetic. And even then....not so bad. Unfortunately as he and I stood in our driveway looking at the car, the anger I had over this came spouting out.

(ok, I am human. I swore I wasn't going to get angry....accidents happen. But I did.)

You need to get it together! You have to realize that you have to block some of this stuff out! I wanted to sell the car, and now you smashed it up! We HAD extra money, and it will all be gone!

Yeah....just what he needed to hear.

Fast forward to today. The adjuster looked at our car, and it was $3000 in damage! But thankfully, it is cosmetic. Our deductible is $200 (I swore it was $500). So if we choose to fix the will be $200. Nothing out of pocket toward the other car....which by the a L-E-X-U-S!!

(hey, if he is going to hit someone....might as well do it right!)

G-man and I will talk about fixing the car. I would like to fix it anyway, just to protect it from rust, further damage, etc. And if we decide to sell it, then it will be fixed.

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