Friday, November 20, 2009

The frenzy of cleaning....and the cost!

G-man's mom is coming for Thanksgiving. On Monday. Her plane arrives in about 65 hrs....not that I am counting.

This means that I only have 65 hrs left to clean my house!

I spent a good portion of the day scrubbing and rubbing and scrubbing some more. I ended up at the grocery store to buy more cleaning products, including carpet cleaner...for I am the one person in the Universe who gets down on her hands and knees and scrubs the carpet with a scrub brush (this was after I was on my hands and knees cleaning the hardwood floors with vinegar and water).

But back to the cost....$20 in cleaning products later....I am still scrubbing.

And the oopsy boo boo of the day....was my attempt at getting adhesive off of something. Some small child apparently got sticker happy on the screen of my electric fireplace. So I grabbed some Goof Off and went to town.....

And there was the oopsy. The screen is plastic. Did you know that Goof Off MELTS plastic? I did not. And alas...I have ruined the screen. G-man said we can just get a new piece of plexiglass and cut a new one....of course we don't have time to do that in the next 65 hrs (of that 65 hrs, he is working for 28 hrs, sleeping for 24, and driving for 3 hrs, leaving 10 hrs of miscellaneous eating/showering/bathroom time.

Wait....Home Depot is open you think he wants to go get it now???? Yeah, I didn't think so....

No idea how much plexiglass costs. Can't be that much, right???

So alas....I will have to update at the end of the frenzy at the final cost of cleaning. I already don't want to know how much all the groceries for Thanksgiving dinner will be..... *sigh*

Back to cleaning....

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