Saturday, November 21, 2009

Decorating the dining room

About 46 hrs to go until mother-in-law arrives.

I just finished scrubbing the dining room floor. It really isn't a dining room....we don't DINE in here. We don't have a table for in here. The kitchen table will get moved in here for Thanksgiving. We use this room as a computer/play room. But techinically is the dining room.

As I look at my poor Ikea table that is 13 yrs old and looks it....I am fighting the urge to "redecorate" in here. SOOOOO tempted. I have a tablecloth to go over it. But it is really pathetic. Wouldn't a table runner look nice on the "buffet?" (BUFFET: my old dresser as a teen that we painted and was the kids' dresser when they shared a room, that is now a multifunctional storage piece in our "dining room.")

Yes...a table runner.....

And wouldn't some red berry twiggy wreathes look nice on the windows? The new blinds are up, and why not spot light them???? The red berries will look nice with the red napkins, and accent the adjoining kitchen that is red. we are talking....

And we are still working on the black and white picture collage....get a few more black frames and run over to Walgreens and print off more pics....OOOHHHHH. Now it is getting exciting!


Earth to Mysti....Earth to Mysti.....and where is this money coming from, my dear????? Oh yeah....we don't have it. After paying bills this morning...we are pretty much done with buying anything until next payday.

Oh well...that was fun while it lasted. Back to cleaning.


  1. Don't stress girl...
    maybe mom-in-law will help with cleaning and decorations??
    Your ideas sound wonderful...
    any neighbors have berry trees....that you could swipe a few of??

  2. I feel you, there is ALWAYS going to be a way to spend money on your house. Have you ever read the Nester's blog? She's all about "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." I heart her. Whether or not her style is your cup of tea, that's a great motto to keep in mind as you try to manage your household's finances, and physical health, and mental well being, and sheesh, I'm tired just thinking about it.

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